Dec 31, 2008

finally it's born..

my very first post! nanananananaaa.... lol.
tired tired..
today was very tiring.. it was the last class of term 1..which means i gotta study for the exams soon -.- after class me n friends went to bugis to have dinner plus to celebrate handi's birthday.. at the end he treated all of us.heehee..thank u handi! lol. oh, and i bought the black nailpolish that i had been aiming to buy,, gonna apply it tomorrow. =pp
we also went to this game centre and i played car racing with joan..haha...lost anyway.. -.- she took over at the last seconds! cyihhh.. i would win if i could drive a real car like her..haha..daddy i hope u read this..kakaka..
ok ok, im too tired to write any longer.. anyway im happy for sis because her idol, Jason Mraz is coming to Jakarta on March, it will be the day after he has his concert in singapore ^^

alright, need to sleep now, otherwise i'll sleep on my laptop.hahah~ thatha =)