Apr 29, 2014

Superheroes - Yay or Nay? (TT#142)

Hello lovelies!

How y'all doin? Yes, it's been a while indeed. I want to talk a little bit about movies today. 

I've been so under the rock about movies lately. Main reason is because I don't have the time due to the overwhelming amount of work (yes even on weekends). The other reason is when I do have the time, there's nobody I could watch with *sobs*. 

But when I look at the movie posters at the cinema, I don't feel that I've missed much. Superhero movies keep coming out and while people are so excited to watch them, for some reason I just don't feel it. I guess it's because the storyline is pretty much similar. Ordinary guy becomes the hero, fighting the bad guy who is "unexpectedly" bad. The differences would just lie on the weapons and rationale of the crime. Is it because I'm a girl? Lol stereotype much. I don't mind watching it but I just never feel that it's a must-genre to watch. 

Plus, sequels and different versions start popping up which makes a turn-off even more for me because no matter how many damn times Hollywood people make it, it always sells and creates a hype. However, I do agree that such movies are better to watch in the cinema rather than on your laptop because it's more exciting on a big screen. See, I'm not a hater :p

Guess how many more Supermen, Spidermen and Batmen in the next 10 years?

My type of movies you ask? Well, I'm glad that you did ask. I like literature-based movies the most. I just feel that it's so worth it to watch those 18th-19th century-type of movies on a big screen. It feels like watching an art. I don't really mind the genre, it could be action, romance, drama, fantasy, anything. While I do like chick flicks and those novel-based movies, I always can wait to watch it online. Even sometimes I prefer to watch animations compared to chick flicks just because that I know for sure I will leave the cinema with a big smile. 

When it comes to music, it's a little bit different. I'm always interested to hear the soundtrack of movies. Normally movies or TV shows have the best selection of music. Even for one of the Twilight movies, I went to watch it just because the main sountrack was by Paramore :D

Have you listened to the main soundtrack song by Alicia Keys for Amazing Spiderman 2? It's pretty amazing.

This one is not a soundtrack of a movie, but it's just as amazing!

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

Apr 9, 2014

Undergoing love rehab (#TT141)

Comfortable like an old sweater
Memorable, you just can't forget her him
Starting over is the hardest thing to do

History has a way of repeating
Eventually we'll just do the same thing
Starting over is impossible with you

So don't pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it's the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

Loneliness has a way of magnifying this
Feeling that I'm still not, no I'm not over you

So don't pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it's the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

I'm still in love with you
Guess I'll love you from a distance

xo, Jo

Apr 1, 2014

Acoustic Jams (#TT140)

Paris - Eiffelturm - guitar - vintage

Sick of the music these days? Well, listen to these. Your ears will appreciate them. Oh, and I love love the guitar from the pic above. It’s perfect.

Which one is your favorite? What do you listen to these days?


xo, Jo