Dec 31, 2010

Christmas recap 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!

24122010358mHow was your Christmas?? I hope it was good because mine was great!

165028_501831523256_576513256_5765596_590525_n1I had an early Christmas celebration with my college buddies a week before Christmas. It was pretty fun :)

63685_501832263256_5765113256_5765629_2381725_n We exchanged presents and I got this cute table lamp which is also a piggy bank. It’s really what I need for my room! Haha.




Afterwards we played 3D puzzle and Monopoly for hours!156858_501839888256_576513256_5765900_3878643_n2


I went back to my hometown few days before Christmas and celebrated Christmas at home after twice having Christmas in hotels without a Christmas tree. 241220103571

Nothing can beat Christmas dinner at home :)


I got a few stares at church when I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve. What’s wrong with red tights? It was Christmas! 25122010389m


25122010391mOpening up presents on Christmas morning! I know my house is kind of a mess :p25122010402m My presents!! A Body Shop set from brother, a rosary bracelet from mom and CDs from dad. Super stoked when I saw the CDs coz I had been waiting for pretty long :D25122010410mAfter opening our lovely presents we headed for lunch and bowling! 25122010438m

At night we had a big family gathering where relatives from my dad’s side came over to my house. It was fun, but at the same time I couldn’t stop thinking that it was our first Christmas without my grandpa.163621_1645870880380_1645145150_14m61185_4333528_n

The next day, there was another big family gathering, but this time was my mom’s family! Yeah I have HUGE family haha.163894_18116415524137m8_100000433847226_575289_1030788_n

My family is really using this holiday as a chance to spend a quality time together because we don’t meet that often, especially my brother and I. So the next day, we drove away to a highland and stayed over for a night.27122010468m

It was colder than I thought! I had to put on my tights at night because it was so windy!27122010456m

We played pool and went shopping at this factory outlet that sells branded stuff with very good deals! We shopped a lot, especially me heehee. 27122010479m

Good times! But I don’t think my New Year will be as good.28122010492mIt’s because I just got my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. The operation went smoothly but now half of my face is swollen and it’s killing me! It looks like I got punched on my face real hard. My bro keeps laughing at me –.-

So I can’t really go out anywhere with this meatball face and I only can eat soft food like porridge. Aghhhh!! So yeah, no parties, just staying at home. The BBQ dinner that I was planning even has to be cancelled :/

I’m sure most of you are gonna party real hard tonight. So have fun and be safe! ;)

Happy New Year!!

xo, Jo

Dec 23, 2010

Feliz Navidad 2010!!

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I know that I missed the Tuneful Tuesday last Tuesday, becauseeee I was busy packing to go home! So I'm home now and so happy! I'll be posting more Christmas updates soon!

Merry Christmas everyone! ;)

xo, Jo

Dec 20, 2010

My little dedication

This is the first time of me making a song cover by hearing. I guess I could do better in the future, OR I just need a new camera lol. I had fun making it though!

Listen to the original song here (English version) or here (Spanish version)!

Christmas is almost here!! Aaaahhh!

I’m gonna have a present-hunting tomorrow!

Are you excited as much as I am??? :D

xo, Jo

Dec 14, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #27


I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.


I swear now I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby


I just can’t stop listening to this song!! It’s a pretty sad song though, but I love it.

Yesterday was my first day of the new term. Yeah you read it right, NEW TERM.

On December!?! Yes yes. WEIRD.

I’ll still have my year-end holiday though and I’m going back to my hometown yay!

It’s been 3 years since I celebrated Christmas at home!

However, there are classes on the 29th and 30th during the break (WHAT?!) and thus I have to skip ‘em.

I got a permission from my parents and so I couldn’t care less :P

Any plans for this holiday season?? Share them with me! ;)

Have a good week!

xo, Jo

Dec 12, 2010

This blog is not dead yet, I promise!!

Hello people, or hello blog (if I’m talking alone), I know I’ve been such a bad bad blogger lately and I apologize for that!

I have my reasons though.

First, last month I was super busy because of exams.

Second, after the exams I straightaway went to KL, Malaysia to visit my highschool friends and family (since my parents also went there to visit my brother).

Third, I’m currently making an arrangement of Diego’s song Siempre Tu on the electone since he requested for it! I’m gonna post it on YouTube as well as here once it’s done :)

So people, bear with me! Let’s see what I’ve done for the past few weeks.

301120103161My Spanish teacher, Alejandra’s birthday that fell on the 30th of November. The students brought 2 cakes to the class on the day and the next week we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was a blast!

0612201034611 I got her a cute baby photo frame since she’s 4months pregnant and I’m so happy and excited for her!




PC0432001    Highschool buddies!! Miss them all already!

PC04321411My family! :)


PC0932561  College party!

I actually have tons of pictures but then this post would be way too long.

Till the next post! It wouldn’t be too long really!

Have a great weekend! :D

xo, Jo