Apr 27, 2010

Busy Nerdy Bee

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cardigan & purple cami – mom’s, belt – Charles & Keith, necklace – Body & Soul, shoes - Mitju


I <3 oxfords

Been listening to:

This song is actually divided into 2 parts, the second part is when Eminem kicks in. The first video is the original full song. Hayley sounds amazing ;) And the song cover below is pretty awesome too!

I know there’s a lack of posts lately, the new term pretty much keeps me occupied. There are tons of stuff to work on, however today, I bought some books at the books sales after my music class. They were so tempting so I just grabbed 5 of them (5 for S$35!!). I actually haven’t even finished reading the ones my family gave as birthday presents. My dad gave me the “Chicken Soup : Dads & Daugthers” (very touching!) whereas my bro gave me “50 ways to find a lover”. I have no idea why he chose that book for me. Well it is true that I suck at love, but he doesn’t have to be that straightforward… LOL.


It seems like I always love making myself busier than busy.

Have a great week! xo, Jo

Apr 21, 2010

I swear I didn’t mean it

I wore my DIY pieces on the orientation day. Only two words can describe that day : FOOD and RAIN. Yep, lots of them.

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top – Seed, cardigan – Et Cetera, shorts – Island Shop, belt - Elufa


First class ever in Degree 2nd year! Notice my necklace? I made it! It also can be worn as a headband ;) oh and the hand puppet penguin is a gift from a friend from his Australia trip! He also brought some chocolates with cherry filling inside, didn’t taste so cherry to me but they were SO GOOOOOOOD ;)

Today’s class was the second class and I felt it was quite stressful. The lecturer was asking about company names, market stocks and other world news which were not familiar to my ears. So what happened was either I answered wrongly or I just kept quiet coz I didn’t know what to answer. Plus, I made a bad first impression by accidentally threw the attendance form to her table. I thought it would land smoothly!!! But no. Sigh. She was like ‘You know it’s quite rude to throw like that’ with her mic on. *Embarrassed*

I need to watch 90210 and play the electone to get over of what happened today.

xo, Jo

Apr 18, 2010

Strap It

Hey, beautiful people! How’s your weekend going?? I hope it’s great coz mine is pretty awesome! ;)

So here is another piece of clothing that had the similar story with the pants I reformed. I found a defect on its neckline and it frustrated me quite much! I tried to accessorize every time I wore it but I never got fully satisfied.seed1

Sooo, I found these bra straps (lol) that I don’t remember why I bought them. I cut the adjustment clips (or whatever it’s called) so they became just like normal elastic strips. I sewed them along the neckline to ensure that the defect would be perfectly invisible and tied them together into a bow!

 seed2 seed3

I’ll probably wear it tomorrow on the Degree orientation day! :)


Thanks a lot to Jennifer for passing me this award! :D


I felt pretty bad accepting this award since I don’t do outfit posts lately but I promise I’ll catch up! It’s just that I like to post more DIYs these days heehee.


xo, Jo

Apr 14, 2010

Sum Those Up

Jill Stuart for Bloomingdale'sI was all dressed up, wearing a black dress with lots of accessories

+bffsMe and my bffs were at a shoes store

+wedgesI got a pair of (beachy) wedges

+promWe were late for prom

= my dream last night

Beachy wedges for prom?? It wasn’t even at the beach haha. I guess I know why this dream came last night.

Firstly, I need shoes! Though I know what kind that I need, but I want to have other styles too. And yeah, wedges is one of them. Secondly, I miss my bffs :/ Then… I wanna go to a prom wearing this gorgeous Vera Wang dress! Together with the accessories ;)

prom-vera wang

I also wore a black dress in my highschool graduation prom, but it was really simple because I wasn’t that into fancy stuff. If I was going to a prom this time, I would definitely wear this. Though I wonder how I could afford it haha.

Have an awesome week! My college friends finally came back from their holidays! YAY!

xo, Jo

Apr 10, 2010

Shorty Like Mine

Few days ago I “modified” my pants from Island Shop that I got quite long ago. I wasn’t that satisfied after trying them at home since I got them in a sales rack battling with hundreds of hands digging (ok maybe not hundreds but you know what I mean). The material is very comfortable, it feels like you’re not wearing anything! Hahaa..well, it IS thin, so I had to wear biker-shorts-like underneath. islandshop-1They have been worn once only and to be honest, my butt looks twice bigger than it is on them (while it’s already super big in real size) and the pants length just makes me look even shorter. Not to mention my funny face in this picture. Wow, how perfect is that.islandshop-2So I decided to cut them into shorts, so I can wear them with tights (in hope they’d look better on me after). I changed the position of the buttons and I think they looked cuter that way. Oh, and this was done without involving a sewing machine (coz I don’t have it here) and with full of pauses in the process (mostly due to watching youtube videos!) so it took me 2 days to finish them haha.

islandshop-3 islandshop-4

“Why are you posting this by the way? It’s such a simple thing people can do!”

Well, because this is the only piece so far that turned out pretty successful after having it chopped and stitched without my mom’s advice so I’m quite proud of that. She normally advises me for taking whatever I wanna change to the tailor ;)

islandshop-5 islandshop-6

Till next timeee!

xo, Jo

Apr 8, 2010

Foxy much?

Still on FOX! Here are some pictures of its Summer-Spring 2010 Collection for adults.

And the kids! (again) haha. But as you can see some pieces are different from the ones in the fashion show.

Have a great day!

xo, Jo

Apr 5, 2010


I’ve got so much to tell!

So first, I have moved to a new flat. It has both positive and negative things of the new place (well, every place always does) but overall it’s pretty good :)

On Saturday, I was at this mall and just happened that a fashion show was about to start. I thought It was JCPenney’s Olsenboye (no JCP in Singapore though) because of the red peace logo, but apparently it was FOX Kids for its Spring-Summer 2010 Collection!


So I just joined at the seating area while waiters were around with drinks, cookies and cakes! I was a little worried that the seats were only for guests, but no, it was for public and FREE! Too bad that I didn’t have my camera with me, but I managed to grab some pictures from their fan page on Facebook :P 

fox1  fox2

The boy in red (left above) was smiling all the way showing his two front teeth haha! So cute!

fox3 fox4

The ‘cool’ one at the show (right above)

   fox5 fox6

My favorite girls :)

fox7 fox8

  fox9 fox10

fox11 fox12

There was one boy in sunglasses (not in any of the pictures here), he tripped up at the most front of the catwalk! But he played it cool haha!

At the end of the fashion show, a man approached me to do a survey and I just found out that a fashion festival or fashion season has been going on! So there will be a lot more fashion shows and exhibitions coming up. So awesome! :D

Currently I’m working on something pretty cool that I have never done before. Hope it will be successful at the end. I’m so excited! Will show you guys once it’s officially done ;)

xo, Jo