Aug 23, 2011

Through The Walls (#TT54)

I loooooove The OverUnder! Never have I got bored of listening to them! <3

disconnecting all my fears, wishing I could disappear like most people do
dig into a deeper hole, superstition takes control of all we knew

remember how to believe (in what you’re chasing after)
ignore the things you can’t change

after all, I’m a sucker
should’ve never tried to run
through the walls, that you built up
could’ve knocked them all down, had your chance but you missed it

climbing in and out of this, interactive consciousness
don’t wake me up
struggling with dialect, what to take and to reject
it’s hard to break

remember how to believe (in what’s before and after)
forget your destination

after all, I’m a sucker
should’ve never tried to run
through the walls, that you built up
could’ve knocked them all down, had your chance but you missed it

I’m not waiting for apathy
learn to move it aside
always paying attention
to you

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

Aug 21, 2011

Cry Me a River… Island.

knitted hooded scarf

Is it just me who’s being outdated or the fashion world had already created this amazing invention long time ago? Coz I just saw this hooded scarf 2 days ago in River Island and I was IN LOVE!! And I still am!! The length was good, the beanie was SUPER CUTE and the color just reminded me of Harry Potter hahahha. I tried it on me and I kept looking at myself in the mirror for at least 2 whole minutes. It would be perfect for my winter trip this year! (Oops not telling that as yet). I wanted to get it SO BAD but the price kinda slapped me on the face… It was like 83 Singapore Dollars but on its online website it’s 28 pounds!! What?! Even if I add this to my birthday wish list it’s kinda unworthy, isn’t it? I mean it’s just too expensive for a scarf..well it’s got a beanie attached but still…

black cut out maxi

Then I also saw this maxi dress on a mannequin and it reminded me of Selena Gomez’s D&G dress. Cut out design is everywhere!

Selena Gomez

I quickly checked other stuff on River Island website once I got home and I found a few stuff that I like but didn’t seem to see them at the store (or maybe because my full attention was on the hooded scarf </3)

beige skull and lace photographic print scarf  brown knitted fox tippet scarf How cute is this scarf??

jacquard shawl scarf

fringe knit snood  maxi dress

As what it says :)

Yes, I love scarves :)

xo, Jo

Aug 16, 2011

Some like it hot (#TT53)


Been listening to these 2 songs a lotttttt ;)


Love the lyrics!

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

I don’t need to say much on this post coz I just can’t handle the sexiness of that man in the pictures above :p Hey Adam, stop being too sexy, will you?

I somehow think that the first picture was not literally taken like that. I don’t know, too vulgar for me hahahha though I like it that way.

Have a great week!!

xo, Jo

Aug 14, 2011

Epic work WASTED

So here’s the story.

I got a project of this module that happened to be called as “Applied Strategic Management” and basically what I needed to do was to pick a company and analyze the industry the company is in and the company itself.

So *ahhem* of course I chose a fashion retailer and H&M seemed to be a good choice. (Random fact: I never shopped in H&M before)

The lecturer was freaking demanding on the design on the project. He wanted to see students’ creativity. I thought that it was rather strange because I expected that final year’s projects were supposed to be professional, not those with pictures and colorful designs.

But well, this is what I did.

asm1 I was so proud of this cover page! I took a pretty darn long time to make the collage look creative-yet-professional. Washout mode is the bomb!

asm2 I think the idea of putting a hanger instead of a dot on the line was brilliant *cough*.



This was probably the most creative page of the entire project.




Overall, I really liked my project and was enthusiastic enough to do it. I guess I was on my laptop more than sleeping, eating, and other things combined together. But… *intense music*

The lecturer changed the content and the style of the project. The day he told us was just 2 weeks before the submission date. He said there were some changes in the university’s requirements and I BELIEVED that he had known earlier than that. He wanted to be plain just like any other projects. I altered around 80% of what I had done, plus adding new requirements. It was like doing the whole thing again from the start. I was so frustrated! So basically me and other students needed to complete 3month-project in 2 weeks. Insane, huh?

But we made it in time! I felt super disappointed though, that my hard (epic) work was wasted. So I’d better share it here rather than just keeping it unrevealed inside the computer memory. I feel my initial work was better though, coz honestly, I had lost the interest after the requirement change. I hope the results won’t turn out so bad!

And for sure, I hope this misery won’t happen again in the future! Although it wouldn’t be as shocking if it does happen again *touches wood*.

Don’t you think I’ll make an awesome fashion project manager? :p

Oh, talking about fashion, apparently there’s a fashion degree in my campus!!! I'm not planning to change of course, it’s just..I’m happy :D

Oh! H&M is opening its first outlet in Singapore next month!!! Can’t wait!! When I saw the banner I was like “finally!! My company is here!!” LOL coz I know pretty a lot about H&M now after doing that project hehe.

But thank God that this newly started term there will be exams only :)

Enjoy your weekend!! <3 and thanks for reading this much :)

xo, Jo

Aug 9, 2011

YouTube: Pure Acoustic (#TT52)

As most of you may have been aware that I’m a YouTube freak addict. I spend most of my time on the Internet accessing YT more than other websites. So I thought it might be fun to share my favorite channels Winking smile

I’m not sure whether I’m gonna do this every week but when I do, I’ll post it under Tuneful Tuesday post. Without any further due, here is a list of my top favorite channels for acoustic music!

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue is probably the most famous one in this list as they’re already signed to a record label and go on tours regularly. But in terms of a whole music world, they are still underrated. Although they write their own original songs, they still constantly make song covers based on fans’ requests!


Twins, young, talented, adorable, angelic voices, attractive Australian accent Winking smile

Danna Richards

From all my favorite musicians, I guess I salute this young woman the most. She writes a song every SINGLE day in a year to accomplish her project. Music is in her blood and she inspires me a lot. Not to mention that she’s extremely gorgeous! Make sure to show her some love and support! =D

Gabe Bondoc

This guy’s got style and I just looooooooveeee his voice! He makes every single song sound so different from the original. Love him!

Don Klein

Last but not least.. *drum rolls* Don Klein! Love love his music. This guy is gonna get far. Enough said.

Well, that’s pretty much for this post. Do check out their channels coz they are amazing musicians!

I’m gonna start a new term this Friday and leaving Jakarta this Thursday. It feels sad to leave my girls again… but at the same time I’m ready to get back to the busy routines!

I’m also gonna try to blog more and keep this blog alive (it died several times for the past few months Smile with tongue out).

Have a fantastic week and I’ll talk to you again soon! Oh, happy birthday, Singapore!!!

xo, Jo

Aug 2, 2011

All The Wrong Places (TT#51)

Happy August!!

I love this song! Tyler Ward is the man!!

Tell me why do you fall?
So far that you cant contain it?
Tell me why cant you see that your searching all the wrong places
Baby, you dont know
But i will try to explain it
Baby, why cant you see that your searching
All the wrong places

I dont wanna play these games anymore
Tired of watching you walk out the door
Hiding here still, scared to reveal
How we really feel
Baby this is so real

Tell me have you ever noticed when we're all alone
How you get so nervous
Baby why cant you see that your searching
All the wrong places
You say you've been through it all
And you don't know how your gonna change it
Baby why cant you see that your searching
All the wrong places

But apparently I'm exactly at the right place!
Yeap, I'm home!
It feels weird though, to actually have the time to relax and be unproductive, since I had been SO busy for the past 2 months. But I guess I can get used to this soon ;)
I'm also gonna meet up with my bffs real soon and I just can't wait!!

Have a fantastic week! :D

xo, Jo