Aug 31, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #13

No, I'm not broken hearted right now, I just love this song so much!
Mayday Parade RULES.
Well, in fact I'm literally bruised and scarred! My whole body is aching so bad and I'll tell you why on the next post!
Oh, I didn't get into a gang fight, don't worry ;)

xo, Jo

Thanks August, you were being good ;)

So much going on in this month, so much fun and memorable moments that I had!

One of them was the Youth Olympic Games closing ceremony! I was too busy with school stuff so I couldn’t watch any of the matches so I guess by going to the closing ceremony it’d pay everything off and it really did!

YOG1 The mascots: Lyo and Merly!

YOG4 Cute athlete de Peru! :D


Olympic tattoo!

YOG9 These are plastic doves! They look super real, don’t they? You also can see there’s a person tied to the “hot air balloon” dancing! I give myself a credit for this shot ;)

YOG10 Globe balls sliding down over thousands of people! One hit right on top of my head! LOL


Outdoor parties wouldn’t be as fun if there are no FIREWORKS!

How did August treat you this year??

Have a great weekend! ;)

xo, Jo

Aug 24, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #12


your voting shall start...


Have a good week! ;)

xo, Jo

Aug 23, 2010

I heard some wedding bells!

I found that August is really a popular month to wed this year.
Most of you may have heard that the beautiful Hilary Duff got officially married to her one-and-only love Mike Comrie. I can't express myself how happy I am for my top role model! ;')

She got an early wedding present from Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV: Female Scene Stealer for her appearance in Gossip Girl!

She looked absolutely stunning at her perfect wedding day!
Vera Wang dress! Good choice, Hil!
source: OKmagazine (

Her new hair-do a week after the wedding! I like this look a lot!

Right a week before Hilary's wedding, my cousin also exchanged vows with her hubby! I was the only bridesmaid since it was just a small wedding and the next day I had to fly back to Singapore! Yes, it was a tiring weekend, but I enjoyed every moment of it!
I loved my cousin's red dress! She wore this only for the party and wore a white dress at the church. The mermaid style was similar to Hilary's dress! It's really popular nowadays though I know it won't look good on me haha.

Love is in the air!

xo, Jo

Aug 17, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #11

Tell me what you want from here
Something that were like those years
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect line
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away


xo, Jo

Aug 12, 2010

Tell me about NYC!

So I’m back in Singapore now, the new term has started and I’m back being busy again! Moreover I joined this project that would make this whole month a real hectic month. So I need your help! Especially those who are familiar with New York City since the project is related to it. So my question is:

What does NYC really need or want?? It could be a desire for a change in anything like fashion, infrastructure, transportation, you name it! I’m aware of the problems that city is facing but it’s rather difficult to determine of which that prevails.

Write your comments as if you were complaining to the authority! LOL.

Thanks so much in advance! ;)

xo, Jo

Aug 10, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #10

Current obsession: 2AM CLUB!

Love this song so much! Fell in love with it when I first heard it in Pretty Little Liars and the lyrics are just amazing. I want to get their CD asap!

For as long long as I can remember

Its been December
No sun no summertime to treasure
We weren't grown
And every time that they told us surrender
"It will be better"
We'd just go holding on till forever
To what we know

Broken lover yes I made you
Believe that I would be the one to heal you
And if you go now
Out that doorway
I won't say you're wrong
But you know that I'll worry about you

For as long Long as she can remember
She wanted better
No home no one there to protect her
All alone
And so she told me, I was her center
Nothing would tempt her
I still roamed
Just like her father left her
Oohh he left her

Broken lover yes I made you
Believe that I would be the one to heal you
And if you go now
Out that doorway
I won't say you're wrong
But you know that I'll worry about you

Isn't it bad you've been a good victim
You thought I was worth it you act like I would listen
And maybe you were right at one point someday
I used to watch you treat the streets like a runway
I used to write with tears on your pretty painted face
Sign language on your back from the first taste
So when he whispers in your ear and you think of me
You wish I would've treated you like you treated me
When you wake up from your dreams to the hallway
Sleepwalking through the streets dressed in all gray
Blinking streetlamps in the window pane
I worried from the second that I learned your name

Everything in love is light
But where was I last night
And why don't you feel right

Broken lover yes I made you
Believe that I would be the one to heal you
And if you go now
Out that doorway
I won't say you're wrong
But you know that I'll worry about you

Aug 9, 2010

Thanks for being so inspiring!

So few days ago I got this award from the lovely Bree and it made my day! Make sure to check her blog out because it’s amazing. Thanks again girl! ;)

inspiring blog award

As the rules say, I have to list 3 things/people that inspire me so here we go. ;)

1. My parents.

These 2 persons are the ones that inspire me the most. I don’t want them to be replaced because they are the best role models in my life. They’re always there giving the best for me and I can’t wait to repay them one day!


2. Music.

I just can’t live without music! I’d feel that a day is lacking if I haven’t listened to any songs. It’s funny how I always have a melody playing inside my head even when I’m not listening to anything. Music makes good times even better and is a remedy through bad times. I wish my life was a movie that has a different soundtrack for every moment everyday! :P


3. Teachers.

Not all, but many of them have been my inspirations that lead the life I’m going through right now. Most of the teachers that normally inspire me are the ones who teach music, English and business. It’s not easy to be a teacher that’s why I appreciate them a lot ;)


Not to mention that all bloggers are very inspirational to me as well! Therefore I’ll pass this award to each one of you because each blog is just inspiring!

Hope all of you had a good weekend!

xo, Jo

Aug 4, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #9

SALTmovie So I watched the movie “Salt” today with my mom. I think it was SO cool! I’ve always liked strong girl characters that show girl power and Angelina Jolie did an amazing job! If you have watched the movie, tell me what you think about it! For  those who haven’t, go and see it then tell me your opinion as well! ;)

Song I can’t stop listening to:

Outfit of the day:

P7301654 Isn’t the bag cute? Bought it ages ago from a factory outlet selling imported stuff and this one was from Thailand! It is made from jeans and it’s got beads and shells on it. I wish it was bigger so I could bring it to the beach!


Dress – from China, shirt & skort (underneath) – from Malaysia, bracelets – F21, bag – random factory outlet, sandals – Mitju

Have a fabulous week! ;)

xo, Jo

Aug 2, 2010

A cupcake for you :)

thankyoucupcakeI have nothing much to say but letting you know that I'm so happy and thankful for your comments on the last post regarding my loss. They meant a lot to me and cheered me up ;)  These past few days have been rough for me and my whole big family, but we know that my grandpa only left this temporary life and is in a better place now for eternal life. All of us will meet him again someday. Surprisingly this incident somehow bonds the big family better than before and I’m glad for that.

All of you are so amazing, even more amazing than my "friends". I want to give a big teddy bear hug and give an award to whoever invented the blog world.

Anyways, it’s been a while since I posted my last outfit post so why not picking up where I left? ;)


Sorry for the “sleepy” look though I wasn't that sleepy haha. I got the skirt and necklace when I was in middle school! It’s quite long for me and I look short in it but whatever I still like it :P


Tanks: F21, skirt: random, accessories: vintage, sandals: Mitju

Oh, yesterday I finally got a pair of shoes from Zara for my cousin’s wedding. Actually mom chose them for me cause she always thinks that the ones I like are “too dangerous” to be worn lol.


Again, thank you so much for being there. I love you all!

xo, Jo