Mar 29, 2010

You made my day

P3260846 P3260855 P3270891

P3270880 P3270919

dress – random shop, cardigan – Cotton On, accessories - F21

I love this dress! It has adorable pictures like a collage on it and cute pockets on the sides. I’m also currently obsessed with flower accessories ;)

Just had a chat with Joe Brooks! It seems like I have so many chats with artists these days haha but this time I technically just saw his tweet and joined the chat. And guess what?! He mentioned my name!! He was making a random song with his guitar about the chat on Stickcam and he started mentioning the names and country regions that popped on the chat box. It was so awesome!! :DD

I’m currently busy packing now since I’m gonna move to a new flat this Wednesday. There’s so much to pack!

Have a wonderful week! It’s a holy week! ;)

xo, Jo

Mar 26, 2010

Show you the glam

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(1) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(4)

 BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(3) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(2)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(5) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(9)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(10) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(11)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(8) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(6)

Belinda for Glamour Magazine

This photoshoot is obviously inspired by Alice in Wonderland, don’t you think so? Love it!

Yesterday I had a video chat with mi amor, Diego! LOL. Yes 2 chats with favorite artists in one week WHOO! :D And I had my Spanish exam today, it was pretty good too, so this week has been amazing! How about yours??

Oh and one more thing. My face is breaking out! It’s the allergy again..but I’ve been avoiding all the stuff that stimulates the allergy. Normally it gets better after a few days, but this time it has been a week! Any tips??

Have an amaaaazzzing weekend!!

xo, Jo

Mar 23, 2010

Muchas gracias!

I’m loving the weather lately, it’s a bit chilly and windy (sleepy weather) because it rains pretty much everyday. The only thing that I’m not really comfortable with is that the kind of weather like this makes me dilemma of outfits I’m wearing. It could rain so heavily in the morning but later on it could be so sunny and warm, vice versa.


plaid shirt – random, cami – mom’s, leggings – Colorbox, necklace & belt – F21, pumps – Carlo Rino

I got my first blogger award! Weeee! Thanks a bunch to Letters for Jenni! Girl you made my day ;)

beautifulbloggeraward I’m sharing this award with other 7 lovely bloggers:

As the rules say to share 7 random things about myself, so here we go :)

  • I’m in love with penguins and would love to have one as a pet :P
  • I heart music and have been playing organ/electone since I was like 6.
  • I fell in love with Spanish language in primary school as I could memorize one song in Spanish in a day without having any knowledge of the language itself yet. So I started self-studying since then (as I didn’t have enough time for extra courses) and only started taking proper classes one and a half year ago. I think it’s one of the most beautiful languages ever. 
  • I’m a Chinese-descent with a very limited ability of speaking Chinese. Been trying to learn it many times since I was very young but my heart is just not into it. (Sorry, my dear ancestors!)
  • I have a very sensitive skin. Itchiness and redness have become parts of my daily issues.
  • If I were a flower, I’d be cherry blossom.
  • When I got to know new people, so far never anyone has guessed the right nationality of mine till I told them the right one. (My look can be deceiving, LOL)   

I had a video chat with Belinda today! She ‘premiered’ her new album to her fans and I can’t wait to hold the album on my hands! :D

xo, Jo

Mar 21, 2010

Carpe Diem

Photoshoot for the new album, Carpe Diem. The album will be officially released next Tuesday! Weeee!Photoshoot for Gente magazine.
Check her out :

xo, Jo

Mar 19, 2010

When lovers catch my attention…

my eyes desire, but my heart doesn’t


being an expert of giving advice to others,
myself lost in a riddle that can’t be figured


why does the conclusion seem to be a long way to go still?
the process in between is always the hardest part


tell me,

how’d you know that he’s the one?

I'm not yours everyday, around the way
No more car-hopping, chilling on the block, on your cell phone fronting
Never that, cause I'm not that kinda girl (no, not me)
I need to know how you roll, and how you get down, down
Drop my money in the bank, take me home to meet your Mama
Can you handle that, cause I'm that kinda girl
Now you ain't impressing me with your jewelry, your designer clothes
All the games that you try to play, think you need to know
I got my own, don't need you for your dough
Hearing me, maybe then we can flow, let me know
Make me smile, maybe we can chill
Keep it real
Show me something I can feel
Cause I'm not your average, ordinary type
Could you be the type of guy I like, I like
Everytime I be up in the spot, chillin' with my crew
We'll be hanging out, get in a little late
You start bugging out, I don't think it's fair (no fair)
You don't like the clothes I wear, how I do my hair
I don't really care, but it's not for you
And I don't got nothing to prove
There can't be any us, if there can't be any trust
Nothing to discuss (no doubt)
I'm not the kinda girl, to let you play me out
You might take me shoppin', but I'm not your property, oh baby
If I don't like it, I decide it
I can make it on my own, as long as we disagree to agree
Down for you and you're down for me, baby I'm what you want
And we can build a love that's so strong

xo, Jo

Mar 16, 2010

Alice Day




shirt dress – Cotton On, denim button-up & black cami – mom’s, tights – Topshop, belt – F21, necklace – Body & Soul

Watched Alice in Wonderland today! I’m always into that kind of types of movies so of course it was good! Loved Alice’s dresses and all the characters. Not to mention that the soundtrack album is also an awesomeness ;)


I have to say that I love each of every song on the album!

My top 3 favorites:

Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown
Painting Flowers - All Time Low
Follow Me Down - 3OH!3 feat. Neon Hitch

Tell me what you think if you have watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack!

xo, Jo

Mar 15, 2010

Can we do this again?

What I wore on our last hangout.


white cami – mom’s, sleeveless cardigan & tights – random, shorts – Guess, belt & necklaces – F21 

P3010552  2 weeks have gone by since I left home again for good. Started missing them already :/

Still cant get enough of Paramore! I like this MV a lot.

 “maybe i know somewhere deep in my soul

that love never lasts

and we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone

keep a straight face”

xo, Jo

Mar 13, 2010

If I were a season...

I would be spring.

Is it the time for me to come by yet?

47Street Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

I loooove the colors of this collection and the head accessories are absolutely adorable! I have a few of those and I simply love them! I just love everything about spring ;) Next time if I go to any of four-season countries again it HAS to be on spring!

I just got back from my spanish class and since I was off for 3 weeks (and didn’t revise at all), I forgot quite a lot of words, especialmente la gramatica, el preterito indefinido! Aaaghhh! Serious revision should be started soon. Today was fun though, I always leave the class with a big smile stretched on my face, in my mind I say “Let’s continue this! 2 hours is too quick for me!” :P

Hope you have a great weekend!

1 random question : Have you ever felt that you’re not having a busy week but weekend is already in front of your face? And a question like ‘what did I do this week?’ pops out of your head? Just asking..

Happens to me during holidays! LOL.

xo, Jo

Mar 12, 2010


Luisana! Again. How stupid that I just realized that she’s on a music video of his fiance’s, Michael Buble. Yep, they’re engaged. I’m not that happy about it because I heard Michael is sort player? (Michael’s fans please don’t beat me up!) But Lu looks so happy with him so I’m happy too! ;) Just don’t hurt her Michael, you hear me?!

By the way apparently I like this song :P


xo, Jo

Mar 8, 2010

Paramore LIVE!

So last Saturday I came back here in Singapore specially to attend a concert on Sunday.


It was truly epic! That’s all I can say.


Hayley really killed the night! I love her, to me she’s one of the most amazing women ever.


And Josh looked hotter in real life ;)

I want moreeeee!


Wanna know one crazy thing?

I was at the standing pen alone since my friends got the seating tickets and during the show there were many people almost fainted due to the uber-excitement! When I was rocking out with others, some pale-looking-plus-sweaty people from the middle side excused themselves to go outside the fence where the guards were. I was right at the border because I knew the middle side was filled with high crazy people and I didn’t want to take the risk! So I was safe.. fewh..

The concert itself was considered pretty quick to me. Maybe because normally I wait much longer than that, or because when I came in the opening band was already playing haha. Anyway, the opening band was the same one for Hoobastank concert on NYE.

Overall, the concert was really close to perfect. Great performance, less waiting time, direct bus from the stadium to my flat, there was just one thing lacked.. best buddies. I still had a great time though ;) and as usual, at the end of the concert my voice sounded like Scooby Doo and outside the stadium I was looking for my friend saying “Where are you???” :P

My parents were not that happy of me going back early just because of a concert and the fact that I still have another month of holiday. But hey it wasn’t just a concert! It was Paramore! And anyways I need to find a new flat, do my Spanish exam and go back to my music lesson (I skipped a lot). So..I have no excuses, I have reasons ;)

Hope you had a great weekend like I did! Give a smile for a new week! :) Ok, maybe not that big, lol.

xo, Jo