Feb 28, 2010

My Bat


P2260519 top & pants – mom’s; necklaces – F21, Body & Soul

This top is pretty comfortable despite the bottom part which I’m not so into. My dad said the sleeves look like bat’s wings haha.

Talking about bats..

I ate bat today! Yes, I’m such a carnivorous primitive! LOL. It was cooked of course, dont worry ;) I just tried a bit though, coz it tasted.... I don’t know how to put it but it’s similar like mutton to me, and I don’t like mutton. The texture was more like chicken though, it’s still considered as poultry isn’t it? Or not? Ok enough about bats lol.

I wanna thank to all my dear followers! I know it’s a very small number but I’m still overwhelmed to believe that there are 21 people who actually want to spare their time to drop by this little blog. Keep giving comments coz I love reading them all! I consider each one of you as my friend ;)

A little information that you may want to know is that before I had this blog as private and only invited some of my close friends to access it. But then I looked at my posts again that there’s actually nothing to be hidden from. When I talk about something personal or rant about something/someone, I never mentioned any names, so some when around November last year I decided to make this as public. I’m glad I did it coz I got to know a lot of awesome people around the world! :)

xo, Jo

Feb 27, 2010

Standard of Dressing


dress & denim vest – local shops in Indonesia, necklace – F21, tights – random shop in Singapore, shoes – Lee Cooper

Mini/shirt dresses and tights/leggings are the essentials for me since I got back home. Since I don’t have so much (wearable) clothes over here, I have to be more creative with the pieces in my old wardrobe filled with old clothes of mine and my mom’s. My mom inherited quite a lot of stuff to me haha, I’m gonna post outfits with my mom’s clothes soon ;)

xo, Jo

Feb 25, 2010

Us, Ourselves and We

I had one of the best sleepovers ever! On the first day we made a birthday cake for my friend, Cindy. It didn’t turn out so perfect but we had a good time making it! At night, we started our very own ‘party’ and it was a blast! Thumbs up for silly outfits? LOL


Happy birthday darling C!



Being mean felt good ;)

  P2220442 P2220447

P2220461 On the second day we spent our day shopping and watched a DVD at night. Case 39! It was pretty good ;)

P2230467 P2230478

Today we had a chocolate fondue and made some chocolate cornflakes. Yummm!

P2230471She’s got her “sisters” done as a birthday present. LOL!


The fun is over, we made some silly videos of us trying to pop the balloons by sitting on them. Man, it was hard! So pen was the solution.

Gonna sleep earlier tonight coz I slept really late for 2 nights. So.. good night! ;)

xo, Jo

Feb 21, 2010

We were both young when I first saw you

My weekend has been going fabulous! It’s full of window-shopping, nostalgic talks, and… Starbucks. Wish me luck sleeping!


And the best part of all is that I got to do those things with my old friends.

Meet my long-gone best friend, Patricia :)


We were bffs in 3rd grade, she shifted school in the following year, had lost contact for 10 years, and one day she found me on Facebook. I was so happy that she still remembered me! Sometimes the internet could be the prettiest thing ever.

I remembered friends saying wherever I was, there she would be, and vice versa. We were like 1 inseparable package. However I realized that the world changes and so do people. I don’t remember what’s the magical thing that built our friendship. We’ve grown up separately and it seems a bit hard to ‘re-make’ our best-friendship. It feels like we have to start all over again from what had been ‘terminated’ 10 years ago. Or maybe we just need some time to “get to know” each other again?

People may think that I think way too much about friends and friendships, but that’s how important friendships to me. Do tell me what you think! ;)

Anyways, although we only can be normal friends for now or later, I’m just so glad that she came into my life and made the whole year of 3rd grade so wonderful! Oh, and guess what? We actually have a lot in common! We finished highschool in 2 years, studying business in college, have a passion on fashion and planning to open a fashion line in the future! Ok now I’m pretty sure that we can be bestfriends again haha!


I’m in love with these leggings! Blame on the zippers.


top & ring – Cotton On, cardigan & leggings – local shops, necklace & belt – F21, booties – New Look

Gonna have a 2night-sleepover with my besties tomorrow! One of them will be getting older by next Tuesday lol. We have a lot of things to do in plan, it’s gonna be fun!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

xo, Jo

Feb 17, 2010

Un buen dia

P2150249 I finally got my CDs after 2 months of waiting! They’re great!


Watched Valentine’s Day with my besties today. I thought it would be a bit confusing as there are a lot of characters like the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” but this one turned out so much better! The Taylors were so cute!


Grabbed some pizzas after the movie (maybe the tiniest ones I’ve ever eaten),


P2150259and reached home, blackout! I had dinner twice and the second one was a candle light dinner with my parents haha.




dress & cardigan – local boutiques, tights - topshop, necklace - F21, bracelets – gift & thrifted

Hope y’all have a great day!

P.S  I didn’t get to say thing in the previous post so I will now.

R.I.P Alexander McQueen. Such a brilliant true artist. He was one of the talented designers that blew my mind by his amazing work. The world needs more people like him.

xo, Jo

Feb 14, 2010



P2140246My babies gathered together once again!

Finally I finished my exams last Friday and went back to my hometown on Saturday. HOLIDAYS! I had a Chinese New Year reunion dinner with my dad's family on Saturday night and had a gathering with my mom's family today. I felt a bit awkward at first because I had skipped these ritual gatherings for 3 years. Cousins of mine who already got married and have children are no longer close with me (well it's not like I'm close to any lol) and I have this little weird jealousy feeling towards their children (aka my nieces and nephews)! Strange, right? Plus, they don't even recognize me...
But I enjoy my time collecting the ang paos (red packets filled with $) haha!


Happy Valentine's day!

I couldn’t really feel the Valentine’s mood this year, because I didn’t see any of my friends and celebrated Chinese New Year instead so no chocolates :/ Yet. Perhaps. If there is, I need to get rid of my flu first! Yes, I got a bit of flu again due to the stressful exams.

Nevertheless, I hope all of you had a wonderful day with the loved ones!


xo, Jo

Feb 9, 2010

Go Preppy

My Spanish teacher has a similar (or maybe the same) scarf like the one in the picture! (left above) I want one as well!

I’m so digging these tights!

FAQ: I have a pair of knee-high socks just like the striped ones in the picture, wore them once, feeling weird, after getting off from the taxi they became leg warmers LOL

These photos were taken for the 2009 Fall & Winter Collection for a brand named 47Street. It’s an Argentinean brand, I suppose. I’m aware that now it’s the starting of spring already, but I just love this collection! I wanted to post this last year but somehow things came up and I just forgot about it. Always happens!

I know this brand because I love the main model in this photoshoot (the first 4 photos)! Well actually she’s an actress-singer but she’s been a part of 47Street for… so long. haha. Luisana Lopilato, just in case you want to know her name ;) Isnt she gorgeous? I was (and still am!) addicted to one of her telenovelas called Rebelde Way. If you heard about the Mexican telenovela Rebelde, well the Argentineans actually did it first. I love originals ;)

I did my first exam today. 1 down, 2 more to go. I’m supposed to be studying now but I think my brain needs some rest after squeezing it for 3 hours today. and it told me to blog! haha good choice, brain. (???) Ok maybe I need to get some sleep.

Hope y’all have a good week! I can’t wait for the exam period to be overrrrr!

xo, Jo

Feb 3, 2010


So first, let’s talk about Lady Gaga.

She always brings something unique to the red carpet, no? haha. I think the dress is amazing though I wonder how she’s gonna sit down lol. Or maybe she didnt at all?


Once I was thinking of posting  about killer shoes but somehow I just forgot about it lol. So the type of shoes that she wore at the Grammys resembles these.

                         01540m 01400m 14002_3_468

Another question.. how can these people possibly walk in those?? Salute!

My favorite looks :

                                 0201fergie-2010-grammy-awards_fa ColbieCaillatMickFleetwood

                                 jennifer nettles 1476239213_8592617015

                                PerrySwiftRihannaFergie_Mazur 23m

I really love Fergie’s dress! It looks sexy and elegant on her.

I cant stop looking at the picture of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Fergie posing together! They all look uh-ma-zing!

Seems like Taylor never let me down ;)

Ok, back to the study mode.