May 31, 2010

On the Street

Hi people!

Omg I realized that I haven’t blogged for a week! Sowwyyy :/

Now I’m on my study break. Yeaheyy! Though I still have lots to do during the break…but now I’ll have more time to blog for sure! ;)

So I wanna share with you guys about the footwear trend that I’ve been seeing for a while.

First is the trend that most of you may already know because it’s been popular since last year and now they are just everywhere. Yep, gladiators!

summer heelsThis season the gladiators are quite “modified” so they don’t look like original gladiators anymore, which I like! I found that the gladiator style from last season doesn’t really suit me, that’s why I didn’t buy any last year. But this time I am so digging it! And I’m so stoked that they now come in nude colors because I LOVE nude colors. As in the picture above, I’ll definitely choose the beige one! And I am literally looking a pair like that for my cousin’s wedding!gladiator-sandals

Not only heels, gladiator sandals are also everywhere! I found that the one with shoe laces or strips like no.6 is really popular nowadays and they also have in heels version. Ok I really need your opinion on this. Since I’ve been looking for both gladiator sandals and heels, which one do you think is better in beige? This confuses me a lot (and ends up not buying all the time) because I think black is really cool too so I want to get one in black and one in beige but I don’t know which color for which pair! Help!sneakersOh, and the second one is sneakers. I’m sure you may have been seeing people in colorful sneakers (Keds has tons of them!) but lately I notice something rather unique. I saw some people wearing different single shoe for each foot! Is it a trend now? Haha it’s quite funny :P I never tried wearing it like that but I used to wear shoes with different laces heeheee. My favorite was blue on the right foot and pink on the left. It may sound weird but somehow it was a trend back in highschool times haha.

Hope you had a great weekend and be back tomorrow for Tuneful Tuesday!

Do I sound like those vloggers on YouTube? Haha!

xo, Jo

May 25, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #2 (Memories, memories)

May 24th 2008 is one date that I always remember.
I woke up with lots of feelings I couldn’t figure out. I put some ice on my eyes, trying my luck to get rid off the dark circles caused by the stressful exams. I kept looking at my watch, because today was gonna be an important day, I made sure that my schedule would turn out perfect.
I met up with a friend to go to a hair salon to get our hair done. I broke the rule from the magazine saying that cutting hair on the due day was a major DON’T. But anyways it luckily turned out fine, and it was really worth for the price paid. I felt strange with my “new” hair though.
Went back to my hostel, got dressed up with a simple dress bought a week before, and our “makeup artist” was ready to make us pretty. It was a Saturday and huge jams hit the city. I got really nervous since we had to come early for a rehearsal and my heels were loose. 
We made it in time. Took pictures and I prayed in my heart that I wouldn’t trip when my turn came. The heels really got me some butterflies and my contacts were dry like a desert.1But again, it turned out fine and I was glad, though I wished that my parents were also there like the others’.
I danced, laughed, cried and even talked to my ex-crush for the first time. It was a good night.
And yes, it was my highschool graduation-prom night.
One thing that didn’t really cross my mind that night is the fact that it was actually the very last day that all of us got together.
I miss each one of you. Where are you now?
xo, Jo

May 22, 2010

Blurry Battle

BB1-1 BB1-2

Head to toe: bought in Singapore


BB2-1 BB2-2

Dress & blazer: presents (WHOO!)

Do I look like a busy chic? Just so you know, I AM that busy. Oh, and the pic of me on the phone, I wasn’t acting lol. I was really talking with my mom haha.

It’s been a rough yet memorable week. Last Tuesday was the best because Diego responded my message in the live chat!! (Responde…me quieres..) HAHA. Other than that, nothing interesting, in fact I’m sleep deprived. Oh, and my Econs presentation didn’t go that smoothly. I didn’t expect that the lecturer chose our group to be the first one to present! I was half awake, which means: guyish voice + memory loss. PERFECT.

Anyways, which outfit is the winner? :P

Enjoy your weekend!!

xo, Jo

May 18, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #1

I decided that from now on, I’ll post of a video of a song that I currently like or can’t stop listening to every Tuesday! And let’s start with this sweet beautiful song by Lady Antebellum ;) I’m so gonna choose this song as “Our Song” with my future *ahhem* heehee, and that would be in the next…5 years? LOL. Do you like the song??

I have a chat with Diego in half an hour! So excited!! But I can’t join till the end of the chat because of my class ughh..

Oh and economics presentation for me tomorrow! Wish me luck! X)

Till next time!

xo, Jo

May 16, 2010

Panda Days


So I’ve been reeeaaally busy and that explains why I don’t blog lately. I’m pretty exhausted. There’s so many stuff to do and the dark circles on my eyes are getting worse, oh my :/ But anyways, it’s Saturday! I have to make a post!

Today I went to the campus’ Annual General Meeting, besides talks and meeting (duh) there were prizes and stuff but I wasn’t really looking forward for those… I was excited for the food instead! Haha ok now it’s obvious that I love to eat and it was a buffet so… I was satisfied :) One thing that I won’t forget about my uni after graduating is of course the free food buffet.

Thank you, MDIS. Thank you, University of Bradford.

I wore this outfit today with different shoes and necklace because this is actually an old pic that has never been posted before. I have to say that my hair looked better before haha.

P8290008 cardigan - Et Cetera, cami - random, skirt - some Asian boutique

*Random fact: Instead of wearing a dress, I wore this skirt at middle school's beach themed prom. Yes that was a long time ago!

Another reason why I decided to use this pic instead of taking a new one is because I pretty much look like this right now.


The exact same eyes.

The exact same size.

The exact same thing I’m doing at the moment.

(don’t worry bamboo is not my favorite snack)

Have a great weekend!!

xo, Jo

May 10, 2010

The Met's Costume Institute Gala

Favorite looks:

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren
Sienna Miler in Emilio PucciJessica Szohr in Versace
Emma Watson in Burberry
Emma Roberts in Marni
Blake Lively in Marchesa
Anne Hathaway in Valentino
*craves for dresses!*

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

May 6, 2010

Malacca Getaway

Finally I got to see the famous red church in Malacca last Monday!
Dress (worn as a top) – from China, shorts – from Singapore, bracelets – random shops, bag – Radioactive, slippers – Cotton On

Went to a museum and found my Juilet.
Struck a pose all the time on every spot.
We got pissed due to the super duper uber hot windless weather!!
Decided to jump into the water fountain. FAILED.
Car air-cond always rocks!!
And food made us and our tummies happy again.
Night class of ‘Malacca History’ on the boat LOL.
It was hard to leave.
How would your perfect getaway be??

xo, Jo

May 2, 2010

Sandy Shoot

47Street Spring/Summer 2009

I love this collection, though it’s from last year but to me summer style is eternal (since the weather here always feels like summer haha).

These photos make me miss walking at the beach barefooted and feel the warmth of the white sand and the chill of the breezy wind. I know it’s not gonna happen in a near future but it’s alright, coz I’m going to Malacca tomorrow! It’s a place in Malaysia which is full of historical buildings and stuff, I’m pretty excited ;) I’ve always wanted to go there and since next week is a study break, my friends and I slip some time to have a short trip together. After the one-night trip I’m turning back into a geek.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

xo, Jo