Aug 30, 2013

Jungle Photoshoot

Hello lovelies!

Two weeks ago, I was invited by my colleague to be a "model" for an informal photoshoot. It was a random group of people who share interest in photography. I was unsure at first, but thought it was no harm to give it a try. The people were unexpectedly nice and friendly, although there was a little language barrier (me no speak Chinese lol), it was a good experience! It was my very first time doing a freestyle outdoor photoshoot, since all I've done before was family studio pictures and cheesy photobooths.

Here are some of the shots which I think I look decent enough :D

I'm not so much of an outdoor/nature lover, so I'm quite proud of myself to hang in the jungle with shorts haha!

I kept turning around at this shot because there were squirrels at the back!! Too bad the camera didn't catch them.

 It was actually a bad hair day for me. My curls were limp, my hair section was messy and the wind was not helping.

This gives me an impression of a Hongkong drama (though I never watched one lol).

Top: Forever 21
Denim overalls: New Look
High top sneakers: Pull & Bear
Watch: ASOS

The venue:

Isn't it beautiful? The place was actually a reservoir and there were many students having canoeing practice. Further down was one of the national parks where people go jogging and stuff, which looks exactly like a wild jungle to me :D Overall I had fun and hopefully I can do this again in the future! :)

Have a great weekend! 

xo, Jo

Aug 28, 2013

VMA 2013 (#TT122)

Although I did not watch the VMA 2013 live, I've watched most of the important moments of the show from various sources and yes, I was fangirling so much over 'N Sync being reunited (and still suffering from 'N Sync hangover); yes, I cringed while watching Miley's performance; yes, I'm happy that Macklemore brought home 3 moonmen; and YES, I'm still having 'N Sync hangover (have I already said that?).

Isn't it a little unusual that Gaga's performance was not the hype this time? Can't believe Miley would beat Gaga in the over-the-topness genre. Still need to give her points for that Ariel costume though.

And these priceless expressions by the Smith family are the best!! Many think that these are the reactions to Miley's performance but these were actually to Gaga's. So yay for that! When I watched the actual footage, both Will and Willow were actually munching chewing gum, thus in stills it looks like their jaws dropped to the ground. Jaden's got the million-dollar expression though haha love it!

The focus of the night: Justin Timberlake!!

I'm really really happy for Justin, he deserved all the awards that he received. Besides taking home the Video of The Year Award, he was also honored to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which is also known as the Lifetime Achievement Award, that is "given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture." Oh yes, he definitely did. In his speech, JT thanked and shared the once-in-a-lifetime award with his boys, “Half of the moonmen that I’ve ever won, I won with these four men right there. So above all else, we can keep it at my house — but I’m going to share this award with them. This is truly an honor. Thank you so much.”

Full list of VMA 2013 winners:

Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award:
Justin Timberlake

Video of the Year:
Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

Best Hip-Hop Video:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton – “Can’t Hold Us”

Best Male Video:
Bruno Mars – “Locked Out of Heaven”

Best Female Video:
Taylor Swift – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Best Pop Video:
Selena Gomez – “Come and Get It”

Artist to Watch:
Austin Mahone – “What About Love”

Best Collaboration:
P!nk feat. Nate Ruess – “Just Give Me a Reason”

Best Video with a Social Message:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Same Love”

Best Rock Video:
Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Up in the Air”

Best Art Direction:
Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu – “Q.U.E.E.N”

Best Song Of the Summer:
One Direction – “Best Song Ever”

Best Choreography:
Bruno Mars – “Treasure”

Best Cinematography:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton – “Can’t Hold Us”

Best Direction:
Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”

Best Editing:
Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

Best Visual Effects:
Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound”

I'm very proud of Macklemore! It's nice to see independent artists getting success that they deserve. This point brings me to the Artist to Watch Award that Austin Mahone managed to bring home.

I've mentioned before in one of my TT posts that Austin might be the next Bieber, which some of us are not so excited about. But this could be the underlying reason of him getting the award. It's hard to deny that his fan base is not identical or the same as that of Bieber, by which all of us know they could be pretty hardcore.

I'm not saying that he didn't deserve the award, I'm happy for every single artist that have been nominated and won this award because I know it's not easy for them to be where they are right now. What I'm trying to say is that it would be nice to see musicians with new sounds that can expand people's music horizons win this award. I would have been more than satisfied if Twenty One Pilots won this award :)

Overall, this year's VMA was all about JT (yes, I've said his name million times by now). His next album, which is a sequel of The 20/20 Experience drops September 30th!

Let's end off this post by re-watching the golden reunion 'N Sync performance! You're welcome :)

Did you watch the VMAs? Thoughts?

xo, Jo

Aug 25, 2013

Freeman Sexy Review + First Impressions

IMG_0363 edit

I was UBER excited when I saw this at my local drug store, because it was out of stock for a long time, and surprisingly, it seems like only this particular branch sells them.

At first I only saw the travel size ones, but when I was paying at the cashier, I saw the actual size products. I still got the sachets though, since this is my first time trying this brand after hearing so many good reviews about it.

Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask photo

The pictures below shall explain my experience using the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask!

Disclaimer: Yes, this is how I normally look like after my evening shower. Wet messy hair (not even bothered to blow dry it), towel on my neck, pyjamas in action, and my pinkish complexion (will go away after 15mins or so). So EXCUSE ME :) In fact as I’m writing this, I’m pulling off this look haha!

IMG_0435 edit

The time when I applied this, my skin was really dry for some reason, so it was more patchy and flaky. The consistency of the product was really thick, in fact it’s like a glue! A little tricky in application but it was all good. The fragrance was not that heavy, it was actually like fresh cucumber, but more to “formulated” cucumber, if you get what I mean.

IMG_0436 edit

How long the mask takes to dry out depends on how thick the application is. Mine took around 10-15 mins. Then you could start peeling it off, which is my favorite part.

IMG_0438 edit

It’s really like a thin soft paper. Reminds me of Vietnamese rice paper! Lol.

IMG_0439 edit

Having too much fun.. I showed this to my bf and he was completely grossed out haha.

IMG_0442 edit

I feel like a snake! Bye bye impurities! I tried my best not to tear the peeled off mask and I did it! It looks like a panty LOL.

IMG_0445 edit

My skin felt refreshed, rejuvenated and plump! It was so soft to touch and I LOVED it!

Few tips to take note when applying peel-off mask:
- Tie your hair
- Avoid application on eyebrows and sideburns
- Make sure you do the 2 things above because I obviously didn’t and had a hard time removing it from my hair and brows!

Apricot Creamy Facial Scrub photo

As for the Apricot Creamy Scrub, I’m as satisfied. It’s SO soft and creamy, very gentle on the skin (even sensitive skin like mine), plus, it smells so yummy!

I definitely recommend these 2 products! They’re made of natural ingredients, great for skin and so affordable! I can’t wait to try other Freeman masks and scrubs!

Have you tried Freeman products before?

xo, Jo

Aug 21, 2013

Guess who's back?! (#TT121)

Guess who's back? Back again. Shaddy's back. Tell a friend. 
Eminem!!! I don't play this game at all but I'm excited!! He's the ONLY rapper that I adore, he's like the KING of rap to me. Can't wait for the new album coming out this fall! :)

Backstreet's back, ALRIGHT!
Uh oh, the legit boyband is back! I'm excited of their comeback, but I'm not used to their new sound yet. I know they need to adjust to the current music (which can't be compared to the 90's), but I hope they don't try too hard. Now I miss 'N Sync, Westlife, Boyzone, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees (which also made a comeback)!! Oh, and of course, the pioneer, New Kids on The Block. 

Other songs under my current list:

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

Aug 14, 2013

Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry (#TT120)

Hello lovelies!

There's a handful of new singles being released officially recently, by which two of them are from our pop princesses, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry! Which one is better? You tell me!

We definitely can't wait for the official music videos, right? It will be another battle!

Other songs under my current playlist:

PLL's Keegan Allen and Cody Simpson at Teen Choice Awards 2013 (via Keegan's instagram)

Yes, I just feel the need to post this, because FINALLY they took a picture together! I've noticed their resemblance for forever so THANK GOD for this picture lol.   

Oh, and Pretty Little Liars won 7 awards at the Teen Choice Awards 2013!!! Whooooo!! #proudfan

Have a good week everybody!

xo, Jo

Aug 9, 2013

My first shopping experience with OASAP!

I’m going to tell you something quite shocking.. Are you ready?


Not only was this my first shopping experience with OASAP, but it was also my very first time doing fashion online shopping!

The previous post on my Essie purchase was actually after this purchase, it’s just it was quicker to post so I posted that first. All that I’ve purchased online last time was only music CDs and it was using my dad’s credit card. But since I’m a *cough* grown up *cough* now, I use my own and it feels great! :D


My first experience was not what I expected, although it turned out fine at the end. Here’s the story:

I’ve seen many bloggers doing OASAP giveaway and it drew me to check out their site and I’m glad that I did, because I liked a lot of things they have there!

But since this was my first time, I wanted to judge the quality myself and thus I purchased only 2 items.


The first one is this pair of galaxy leggings. I really like the colors, I think it’s really cool! I didn’t expect the material would be this light though, but in fact I quite like it since it’s suitable to wear in a hot weather like in Singapore. What I didn’t quite like though was the stitches. They gave me the impressions that it can be ripped easily with my fat bum, though it’s a one size. 

IMG_0349Galaxy Print Leggings

I’ve worn once and now I think they’re pretty strong despite its look. The exact same pair is no longer available in the website, but there are many similar ones available, take a look here.

Now comes the second item..

I’ve been wanting to have a small brown bag and when I saw this, I immediately FELL IN LOVE. This was not the brown I first wanted, but I just knew I needed to get it nonetheless. So I did.

IMG_0352Vintage Flower Embossed Shoulder Bag #1

I was pretty excited when I held it on my hands, I really like the details on the bag. Oh, but wait, do you notice something odd with it? Like, the SHAPE? It is slightly taller towards the right side and I was like, whaaaaat?


Not to mention that the stitches are messy and the sides of the bag are VERY wrinkled. I thought it was just because the bag got pressed too long in the package for many days during shipping so I stuffed in papers and plastics to make it fuller, in hope that it would turn to its original shape. It did get slightly better, the pics above are the results. So yes, initially it was worse.

But still, I was still bothered by the shape. It’s really not pretty and I was really disappointed. I was thinking whether to return it or not, but if I needed to pay for the return shipping, I wouldn’t do it. But anyways, I decided to contact the staff via live chat and to my surprise, she was surprised that I did not receive the package in a box (it was my first time, I had no idea it has to come in a box lol). The second pic of this post was the original package that I first received. She asked me to email with the pics but I got busy and only sent the email like 2 weeks later.

Then they replied with a satisfactory answer – they have despatched a new bag via express shipping just before I emailed them. I guess my live chat messages were convincing enough to make them do so haha.

So this is what I got. It came with a box as shown in the first pic of this post.

IMG_0426Vintage Flower Embossed Shoulder Bag #2

Yay the bag looks balanced! LOL. I still can comment on the stitches (yes, I’m particular and perfectionist like that), but it’s much better than the previous one.


I honestly had not bought a fashion-y bag that looks really structured (if you know what I mean) before, so I guess little imperfections like messy stitches and wrinkled material are normal? Do let me know with your experiences since I’m not so much of a bag/shoes person.

However, I still don’t think it’s worth the money. I don’t know.. it was USD35 and I guess with that amount of money I can get a better one else where. What do you think?

So I’m not sure whether I’ll be shopping with OASAP again. Their service is great though and I do have several items on the wishlist from their site. I just think ASOS has better quality, I just received my ASOS package recently and I’m fully satisfied (haul soon!). So yeah, we’ll see!

Have you shopped with OASAP before? How was your experience like?

xo, Jo

Aug 7, 2013

In The Mail: Essie In The Cab-ana + Marshmallow


Recently I’ve been quite addicted to online shopping and while hunting for some fashion stuff from ASOS, I tried my luck to search for Essie nailpolishes on the site, since there’s no retail selling Essie in Singapore, and apparently ASOS sells them! But the prices made my jaw drop to the ground.


They sell it for SGD21.57 each and pretty much lack of choice of colors. I know Sephora Singapore sells OPI around 20 bucks too (I assume the quality would be the same) but via online everything should be relatively cheaper, right?

So I extended my Essie hunt till I arrived at this local Ebay-like shop, Qoo10, which was not actually foreign to me but somehow I just never explored it and found a vendor that sells a wide range of Essie products for reasonable prices! And so, I decided to get 2 colors from them. Each was SGD11.50, plus delivery fee everything was SGD24.50. YAY.


First of all, apologies that my nails are far from decent. My cuticles are just really dry no matter what I do to them. I need to keep my nails short as well since my face gets rashes if my nails are dirty (longer nails tend to store more dirt) as I touch my face a lot. Also, because I play the electone. Piano/organ players out there would understand :)

Marshmallow is an opaque, cloudy type of white, which I prefer compared to the porcelain white kind. I actually saw this color from Bubzbeauty on YouTube and thought that it’s really nice :)


While In The Cab-ana, is an oceanic blue color which I thought would be bright but the result is actually a little darker than I had expected. It's got a little of green hint into it although in the picture above is like true blue color. I still like it though!

I like the liquidy consistency in general, although Marshmallow is really sheer for a single coat.

The other colors that I wanted to get but unavailable in Qoo10 is this orangish red color, Geranium..

and this gorgeous dark plum color, Sole Mate. The color in the picture does not really reflect the actual color though, since I’ve researched for bloggers that have tried this and it looks pretty different, and nicer too!

Have you tried any of these colors from Essie before?

Do let me know! :)

xo, Jo

Aug 6, 2013

Electro August (#TT119)

Hey there lovelies!

So.. it's August, huh? Hmm yeah.. ok.. well.. I'm speechless! Lol.

I've been very busy with work (again) for the past 2 weeks and thus no posts -.- and guess what?! Now I'm sick! Urghh :(

Anyways, below are the songs that I've been wanting to share with you guys. The first two are electro songs, followed by pop and R'n'B. 

My first impression on this song was "this sounds a lot like K-pop!" 

And this one, it reminds me of Bastille a little. The model is so pretty :3 kinda looks like Miranda Kerr!

My motha f*ckin princess :)

Which song(s) do you like?

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

P.S. I'm gonna do a haul very soon! Been online shopping lately :p