Feb 28, 2009

Power : 0%

Yesterday, I had found that my friend is super sensitive. He's a guy, but he's waayy more sensitive than girls XD loll..he takes jokes too deep.. When I turned back I saw his face was red, I didn't realize at first so I just turned my head back, then I realized, turned back again and asked him why his face was so red. Then I saw his eyes were watery and I just asked "are you crying?" lol. but of course he was trying to be tough. then me and the girls found the reason why and it was like nothing! the other friend just joked about his face and i think that the jokes were not that offensive. then he said 'he always bullies me. he said..*blablabla*' well, honestly, it was kind of childish -.- he's not tough unlike what he acts to be.
*Friend, you would feel really sick by the time you face the real world.*
Today was the first session of Elementary 1 of my spanish course ^^ and yeepee! Jolin wasn't there.hahaa~ her friend came though, and i heard she said to kenneth that jolin got 97/100 for her test. and he was like, 'woww..' what's so special about it? i got the same! lol. XD
there will be DELE exams in may and november (i guess), for diplomas in spanish as a foreign language. it's like an IELTS or TOEFL, but this one is for spanish.cool, huh?
i wanna take it ^^ but in order to take the first level i have to pass the elementary 2 first. -.- so..still a long way to go. and the fees for the exams are expensive..agh..i have to discuss with my parents first. =p
after class i rushed back home to shift my stuff to the new place. then i just started to realize that it was gonna rain! shoot!
my things are unexpectedly a lot, lol. luckily my agent's husband drove and helped me XD he was scary though -.- looked very strict and talked explicitly.
gosh, i was dying. the new place is a walk-up apartment/building, 4 storeys and no lifts -.-"""""" super duper tiredddd... blame the tons of books from college! there are times when they give us more than 1 book for a single subject cuz they said the first one was outdated -.- im gonna shift myself tomorrow ;)
i treated ding yi cuz she had helped me out today ^^ and i discovered my new favourite drink : mango juice with yogurt~~~^^ yumm!
oh oh, one more thing,
I'm craving for sushi! XD

Feb 24, 2009


I had a test for economics today.
damn it! i couldn't finish it.
maybe because i wrote too much on the previous questions.
i just can't control to stop writing a lot when i actually describe about something well, though the question said "write a short answer". -.-"
so at the end, the last question, which actually carried the most marks, i didn't give enough points. HAISH!
after test, it was supposed to be followed by a class, but the teacher said,
"my voice is gone today, so i can't talk much. anyway you guys are a bit ahead (of the syllabus), so i shall dismiss you now."
yeepee~~ =)
me n friends were planning to eat fast food yesterday. i had not eaten fast food for ages, so i was craving for it =p and i was planning to practice afterwards, but stupid yamaha counter never picked up my calls, so i didn't go today. ugh.
and just now i called again for tomorrow's practice, finally someone picked up, but i only can book the room for an hour. 'great'
and oh shit im getting so fat,,big appetite came for no reasons >,<
and i guess some of my friends realized it too. 'thanks for reminding'
im being emo these days, somehow. and some more my plans didn't go well, which i had taken a lot of time to think of.
i need HELP. i just cant do everything by my own at the moment.

Feb 22, 2009

A's Story

A and B were such best friends, since the first day they met each other in a new school. A got to know a lot of friends and things because of B. A was glad and considered B as A's role model. Somehow, C came to their friendships and became their best friend as well. They were so connected to each other and never got separated, however, in A's eyes, A and B were still closer than ever no matter what happened. Until there were times when B and C ignored A all the way because it seemed like A wasn't so into the thing that B and C were. A was left out. Things got worse when A found out that A was backstabbed. B was so sorry to A, but it seemed like nothing had happened for C. So, B was the only one apologizing to A and things became better, even better than before. When A thought that A and B could have this great friendship forever, B left. It was a deep sorrow for A.

"When your eyes were opened for another page of life,
the page was burnt,
and there, only the ashes lingered,

everything had gone,
you wished that your eyes had never been opened."

After B couldn't be there for A anymore, without A's awareness, A and C were breaking apart. Few months later, C got a new best friend and A was forgotten. C didn't think so, of course, C thought that A had got a new one as well, whereas things only seemed like it. A and C looked like they never knew each other before. Their connector was no longer there.

A, X and Y were pretty good friends at school. X has been always the centre of everybody's attention. Y asked "where is X?" for many times on the same day, though A had given X a clear, absolute reply. For the rest of the day, Y didn't talk to A at all besides that repetitive question.
*A believed that noone would've cared if A had been absent*
The next day, X was present.
Y was so happy and stuck with X for the whole day like a super glue. Y passed by A and said, "Oh, you're here! How come I didn't see you?"
*A thought that A really never existed in everybody's eyes*

"When you realized that your existence was only a complement,
hopes fell down,
heart petrified,
you no longer behaved genuinely"

In another words,
A could not be as close as before with C without B's presence.
If A was not X's friend, A would've not been friends with Y.

So.., what do you think about A? Is A a pathetic person?

Feb 16, 2009

Just living a life as a student~

Why are there so many concerts that I wanna watch coming around the same time?
I have limited budget!!
I subscribe newsletters from the japanese embassy since I attended the 'unit asia' concert sponsored by it. Since october last year, I think I didn't get any emails from them, but suddenly from the beginning of this month, emails keep flowing from them. There's one show, it's a classical music concert and there will be japanese children choir will be performing. I really want to see..they must be so cute ^^ haha.. but, ever since I knew that Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is having a concert next month, I've decided to save money for it =) but the consequences, I can't attend the others =((
There's one more concert that I actually want to go. It's a choir of german school boys: St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig. Their voices are soo good..and they're cute as well~^^haha.. here is a video of them performing :

St. Matthew Passion

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Big applause! lol~
I like their uniforms, look like sailors' ones XD they remind me of my primary school uniform ^^
Actually when they sing their faces are kinda funny, lol, well it's because they're really serious about it. I'm quite amazed to be honest, realizing that many kid-teen boys who have a passion in singing in a choir, really exist =)
I saw sistic website just now, it says that video recording is allowed! So, I think I'll just wait 'til someone post it in youtube. lol.
but still, I wanna see them in persons, I wanna go to the backstage and take pictures with those amazing singers ^^

I gave my friends chocolates today ^^ I'm still such a typcial high school girl =pp

After class we gathered to do a group assignment in my apartment. Earlier we tried to do at campus but somehow my thumbdrive can't be opened at the library pc -.-

After we decided to call it a day, hilarious pictures were captured! XD

Had a pretty good time today~! ^^

Feb 14, 2009

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

choco choco choco!
i'm craving for chocolates~!
yeah, today is 'el dia de los enamorados' (the day for lovers) XD
After having my spanish class, oh actually it was a test today. overall it was good. i was really happy when i saw the second question and realized that i just did it this morning from the exercise book XD. and i think i made an effort for my speaking test by including "un espejo grande" for the second or third question.lol.
I met up with my housemate to have a lunch. Gosh, i think today I saw most of the girls were bringing flowers or box of chocolates in their hands. -.-

The days before the valentine's :
I bought a newspaper on Monday and started reading it, but until this moment I haven't finished it,lol. I was too busy, preparing for spanish test and many other stuff.
o yea! That day, me and Joan went to plaza singapura, looking for a present for her boyfriend for valentine's day. We went up to the top floor, where the cinema is (never been there before), then I just knew that there are many shops that sell anime stuff, and guess what? I saw cardcaptor sakura's magic stick! gyaaaa~! it's the old version one though, but OMG OMG! LOL.
I've been looking for this for so many years and finally I found it. But the stick is quite short, I think it's for children's one,lol.who cares =pp
It's expensive though -.-, around 48 bucks..sigh.
I'm also looking for the cards. Once my friend said kinokuniya has them, but so far I haven't seen it directly, just saw from the internet..
and a movie of kou shibasaki is coming soon~~ I forgot what's the title though,lol.

concert demanded : Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!

Feb 7, 2009

dot dot dot ...

I really have nothing to write these days.. I just have no intention to do so.. it's weird. Next week, the day of Valentine's will be my first spanish test. agh..feeling nervous..natalia said it will be 'muy facil' but im still nervous..i'd better prepare it well the days before. today at the end of the class, she let us listen to a song for listening practice. i like this kind of practice =)
the song was 'fotografia' by juanes and nelly furtado. it's a good song, intend to download it but my limewire's connection is lousy at the moment -.-
i found a new source of downloading songs, Imesh, but apparently I found that the songs can't be saved, so we have to burn to a cd or it's just simply a player. they have the songs from youtube, cuz every song has a video from it. however i'm too lazy to burn a cd so I think I'll just wait til the limewire works well again. I really want to download this song by mihimaru GT (japanese group). it's a soundtrack of doraemon the movie, the one about the magic world? i forgot what's the real title but when the first time I listened to this song I just loved it.
I'm currently still watching 'bloody monday'. Gosh, episode 6 is so annoying..and sad also because Saori died =( so many traitors are revealed.ugh..this drama is all about traitors and stupid people who try to become "God" *kamisama*. The story line is similar to 'death note : L changed the world'. those non-sense jokers create a virus and try to spread around the world. they have the anti-virus so they can become "God". so stupid, right? why japanese movie/drama writers come up with this idea? there may have some people who actually think about this, perhaps? (bakka~!)
I didn't have a good sleep last night =( distracted by my roommate who came back in the dawn after clubbing and she thinks she's the only person who occupies the room. i was freezing throughout the night! *bbrrrrrr* luckily im moving out next month, thank God.
and in the afternoon, I got a really bad tummyache after my lunch. =(
oh, i have this friend, she actually behaves like someone but i just can't figure out who it is. from the actions, the expressions, almost everything..hmm..i think it's someone from middle school, but I almost forgot most of them xp
this friend really has a loud and clear voice, lol. i don't know whether she realizes that her voice is actually loud, but i'm kinda embarrassed when she speaks damn loudly in front of public -.-" and one more thing is she thinks that she's really pretty or something. well, to be honest she's not that bad, but..hmm..you sure know what i mean right? (lol, to whom am i talking xp) i think if she has a boyfriend now i'm quite sure that my perception of her will be right. she's just one of 'those girls' whom i can't explain how. one clue is she does listen and care what people simply say. she told me last time she used to be fatter but after one of her friends said something like "you're getting too fat" so she went on diet like crazy. maybe her friend didn't really mean it right? so u know what i mean now? lol~
and now everyone can see the results of course, she's skinny, however, i think she'd look better if she gains weight a bit for a balance. because, no offense, her head and her body don't seem really balance. i think because she lost too much weight. moreover her face is wide but she still permed her hair. tips for girls who have a big face : don't perm your hair! it will look way wider on you.

well, at first i said that i had nothing to say but in fact i wrote quite a lot,lol~~

movie wanted : Inkheart =)

Feb 4, 2009

welcome to february

is it the first post in february? oh yea, i think so.lol.
term 2 has started. the subjects on this term are not that hard, luckily. even im bored already with business management, this time is the part 2, i've learned the part 1 in PC program. will there be part 3? hope not. it'd be all the same topics. -.-"
for economics, it's quite interesting ^^ and i like the lecturer as well. hope i can obtain an A for exam,haha..oh correction : As. lol.
oh oh, guess what? i've got a new room, nananana.. haha.. the flat looks old and kinda creepy from outside, but inside is surprisingly wide and spacious ^^. and i got a single room, quite big, facing the road side, it's not next to bathroom though, so i shouldnt drink much at night.haha.
i paid the deposit yesterday, the landlady is nice and such a fun person.and i think she's friends with the agent who advertises the flat. they were like talking and laughing just like typical aunties,lol.
my housemate is a hongkong working lady, but now she's in new york for holiday. my guess : she's rich. haha..cuz the landlady said her relatives are in new york and she travels quite a lot. looking around the house, her stuff is really little. there was nothing in the fridge but a bottle of wine. cool..i wanna see her in person soon~
oh oh! finally today i asked alex about the poster in burger king. it's really him! models are around me~~ haha..my eyes are always right XD. so lucky for him that he can work, i thought all students in private schools cant work, but he said europeans can.(what?) so strange. looking forward for the next advertisement poster of his.lol.
this week im really really busy, always have something to do after class. fewhh..tired,,will start moving my stuff at the end of this month..
oh gosh my roommate is laughing like a piggy, u know like doing those "short breaths" lol.
in shopping malls, and even in campus, lots of pinky and sweet stuff have started being sold. in jewelry shops, many sets of gifts are being offered. and i just realized that valentine's day is around the corner. hope chocolates will be running into my pockets,haha.. this year the date is so perfect cuz it's on saturday night. i think i don't wanna go out that night..looking at couples having dinner will make me envious.haha..*why u're not here,eh?!*
p.s i still accept things via post.lolll~