Jul 31, 2009

Today =)


Gerard, Ding Yi, Ryan (Joan's bf) lol =)

Had a sushi buffet for Ding Yi's birthday. I'm bloated.

Make a wishhh :)

Jul 29, 2009


Yesterday was.. AAAHHHHHHHH~~~~

*sorry I still couldn't believe that it really happened XD*

Ok, so the venue kinda surprised me a bit at first, no wonder people kept asking on the internet about age limit, but well they did ask my IC and stuff and I was afraid that I couldn't go in! But I did heehee.. after buying the latest album for the autograph session (that was the best part XD), we were complimented by a free soft drink haha. Total time of waiting was about one hour BUT it was worth it (as usual xD)

I got most of the songs recorded and believe me, she looked heavenly GORGEOUS. No wonder someone is crazy about her, aHHEM..*wink* ;P

As a start, the guitarist and the keyboardist, Stan! (haha i still remember his name lol) played the intro but I thought it was just a music from the speaker! lol. And suddenly she just came out to the stage and KYAAAA =D She also told us some of her stories about her songs. I wish I could compose songs as well as she does haa~

Oh after an hour, (we thought) it was finished and the people were like WE WANT MORE! LOL. Then she came back! Haha it was already planned maybe (I love when they do that XD) And she sang Umbrella and Say It Again. Sooo nicee^^

Ok and the last best part was.... the autograph session! I was so nervous! And Pin was like "umh umh what should I say?" LOL.

I was kinda speechless too so I wish that I could've talked with her more! And I forgot a hug from her! AGHHH. But I got my CD and poster signed anyway hee.. It was the first time being with a Hollywood artist that CLOSE and she was so niceee~~ :)

It could've been more perfect if my bro MUNDO (lol) came together so I could see him getting nervous and excited to see his BABY~~ haha riighhtt? ;)

She embraced me! KYAA! Omg I look so ugly beside her, the title should be : Princess Vs nobody hahaa.

I think if I meet Hilary Duff or Diego or Belinda, I would faint at the spot. X)

Jul 24, 2009


Today was fun, went out with Luvs to Ancol (Jakarta Bay City) hahaha.
*feel lazy to upload any pics*
and I'm going to watch Harry Potter tomorrow!

The rain just stopped.
Feeling sleepy.
No, not only that.
I have thousands of different feelings right now.
Don't know what to do.
Oh, but I think I wanna screammmmmmmmm!
But my parents would get freaked out and think that the laptop radiation has damaged my brain. lol.
I guess I'd better to get some sleep.

Good night loves.

Jul 21, 2009

Luvly weekend with Luvs =D

- chatting, talking, sharing, heart-to-heart moments :)
- went to church *long mass zzz :P
- dinner, got back home and watched P.S I love you while snacking =P great movie!
'kick mine (ass) in english!' LOL


- went off to Safari *jam jam*
- checking out the animals *car windows being licked off by reindeers and friends XD
Zebbry~~sorry we didnt buy you guys carrots :P
- saw the sea lion and birds show

- visited my PENGUINS =DD *felt like sticking around forever XD

- checked out some more animals at the zoo
- went back *mom turned pale due to excessive smell of horses' poo LMAO
- romantic dinner lol
- got home, exhausted.
drunk and dead. lol jk she was just...dead. XDD
writing a farewell letter for her friend but got annoyed by me XPP

- chaaaaatttiiinnnggg :)
- slept till evening after my luvs went back home
late birthday gifts from luvs~ love them! ;))

My penguin family~~ 3 are not here tho :P

Jul 16, 2009

Useless conversation

Talking to you is like interviewing an employer who doesn't even want the job.

Hilarious evening

I was in the car, paralyzed.
And the next thing I knew was me lying on the couch.
There were some noises buzzing around.

"Joannnn! Go to shower now!"


Few minutes later.

"Joannnn! Get upppp!"


The next few minutes later, the sound of car engine was heard.
*The door was opened*
*People talking*

"Joannnn! Come to have dinner now!"



*moving to the right, moving to the left, BOOM!*

"I'm up..." *found myself on the floor, laughing*
Daddy came to drag me out.

"Such a baby."


Jul 15, 2009

The Guardian

Okay, so I'm stuck between Accounting & Finance and International Business & Management for my Bachelor. I do like Accounting, but not sure about Finance. I did it before and it took quite some time for me to fully understand it. And suddenly International Business caught my attention, since working in a international company has been my dream =)

But I'm not that sure of what I'm gonna be later if I take International Business. Coz A&F (ok this way is much easier lol) sounds more guaranteed? And the subjects are more difficult too. But I'm afraid that I'll get bored one day and that won't be a good sign.

Arghhh I'm so confusedddd.. OH and one more thing is that if I changed to IB&M, I gotta pay S$535 for administration fee coz I have applied A&F for my student pass. Man, $535!! I'd better pay my rent! lol. Crazy school.. It's because last time this course was terminated when I entered so I didn't know that this course actually existed. But well, my parents said it's better to pay rather than not enjoying the course later.

Oh oh! Yesterday I took some test to help me to make a decision which major that I have to choose. And the result is.......


Well, I don't know why the call it The Guardian but believe it or not, from what they say about this character, it's soooo true!

The positive sides are: natural leaders (o really? lol), loyal, hard-working and dependable, have a clear set of standards and beliefs which they live by, excellent organizational abilities, enjoy creating order and structure (haha), driven to fulfil their duties, take their commitments very seriously and seek lifelong relationships. (Owh yeahhhhh XDD)

And the negative sides are: tendency to believe that they are always right, tendency to need to always be in charge, impatient with inefficiency and sloppiness (this one is so true! XD), not naturally good at expressing their feelings and emotions (yep yep), tendency to be materialistic and status-conscious (HAHA guys don't be scared, i'm not materialistic, it's just a tendency :P)

I wish that I could write it here but it's too long. 3 pages O.O

But at the end, came back to myself again, need to choose on my own. =.=

Jul 13, 2009

Farewells in life

Friends come and go.
Every time there's a 'hello', there's a 'goodbye' too.
Things could turn 180 degrees in no time.
People really do change and they don't realize when they do, including myself.
Some of those sweet notes and cards saying 'friends forever' and stuff wouldn't last long.
A person who was really close could act like a stranger in the future.
It happened countless time before.

And now another best friend is gone.
It sucks when the damn thing called distance will tear the friendships apart.
I dislike the feeling of being lonely...
and missing the loved ones.
It's not pretty :(

Sob, sob :'(

Jul 10, 2009

I'm home^^

I'm homeeee and I'm illllll =.=
Got a very bad sorethroath since last Thursday and now it's added with cough, cold, headache and a bit fever. gyaaaaa~
I went to see a doctor yesterday, felt really nervous. Really didn't want to hear him saying things like, "Oh, it's H1N1 Virus." But luckily it's nottttttt hahahahahaaaa~
Okay the medicine effects made my brain doesn't work well LOL.
Yesterday, me n darlings were chatting on the phone. 3lines! Hahaha it was fun, though my voice sounded really bad lol.
Too bad I'm still sick now, otherwise we would've gone out today or tomorrow..
Mom said that I only can go out starting Tuesday onwards -.-
OH! Finally Pingu met his twin!
Okay the right one is the current one that always accompanies me^^ and the left one is the twin!
I still can't believe how fat it was around 12 years ago and now the current one is so skinny and old haha and the fur is no longer soft. But I still love him so much! =D
Oh oh, and yesterday I went to my cousin's wedding and I don't think he remembered me lol. The bride was tiny! Though she was already wearing super high heels but I was still taller (I was wearing medium heels heehee). And I met my new nephew! I didn't even attend my other cousin's wedding and now she's got a 4-months baby and he's sooooo cuteeee. He's so fair, his skin is sooo soft and the cheeks! So bouncy! Hahaha. I was gonna steal him away from her lol. Next time I should take a picture of him =)
Ok mom's calling for lunch. Adios! Pray for me so I'll get well soon! >,<

Jul 9, 2009

I'm back!

Wooh! It was a long flight and I'm sooo tired~~
and it was delayed! ugh..
China trip was okay overall, had some moments when I felt so left out and got pretty annoyed by someone's attitude but it was all good :)
Tomorrow I'm finally going back home!
I feel kinda sick of airplanes now haha~
Okay, off to bed now.
Oh, Yee yee sorry I didn't message you yet, though I'm in Malaysia now. My credit is limited and since tomorrow I'm leaving I don't wanna top it up heehee~ gonna contact you when I arrive Jakarta kay?
Ugh I feel itchy now, too much seafood these days! lol.
Alright good night loves~ <3