Mar 31, 2009

Blinded by Love

They feel like their partners are the only creatures left in this planet;
as if only two of them existed in the world.
They don't listen to others;
they don't care about others.
They ignore the truths that are unpleasantly heard;
they refuse to believe the reality.
They can hardly distinguish what is right or wrong;
as to their eyes, everything seems right.
They would bear any consequences to the deepest;
pride, embarrassments, humiliations, career, family, trust from others.
They no longer care of everything;
as long as they can be together with their partners.
They would do anything for them;
their brains have been manipulated.
They would abandon and lie to people
that they have known for a decade,
for someone whom they barely know.
It sounds stupid, indeed;
but all of us somehow have been or will go through this whole stupidity.
We will never realize it,
until one day our eyes will be re-opened and a voice says "this is not right";
or until one day, on the wedding ceremony, your heart whispers to you "you have found the one".
But now I'm glad that eventually someone has realized,
that love is not everything.
It's not everything as we need others too besides our partners;
it's not everything as he or she is not the only person left in this world.
Time really cures everything; well, almost.
Don't let this so-called love make you blind.
Keep your eyes opened, let it flow and you will get there certainly.


G3r4rd said...

Is this your original creation? if it is then it's pretty good! :) :P

.:JoaNNa:. said...

oh yeah it is =p haha thank you! i just felt inspired by something somehow, heehee~

G3r4rd said...

haha awesome! keep it up it's really good :P you're welcome! (;