Mar 31, 2009

Blinded by Love

They feel like their partners are the only creatures left in this planet;
as if only two of them existed in the world.
They don't listen to others;
they don't care about others.
They ignore the truths that are unpleasantly heard;
they refuse to believe the reality.
They can hardly distinguish what is right or wrong;
as to their eyes, everything seems right.
They would bear any consequences to the deepest;
pride, embarrassments, humiliations, career, family, trust from others.
They no longer care of everything;
as long as they can be together with their partners.
They would do anything for them;
their brains have been manipulated.
They would abandon and lie to people
that they have known for a decade,
for someone whom they barely know.
It sounds stupid, indeed;
but all of us somehow have been or will go through this whole stupidity.
We will never realize it,
until one day our eyes will be re-opened and a voice says "this is not right";
or until one day, on the wedding ceremony, your heart whispers to you "you have found the one".
But now I'm glad that eventually someone has realized,
that love is not everything.
It's not everything as we need others too besides our partners;
it's not everything as he or she is not the only person left in this world.
Time really cures everything; well, almost.
Don't let this so-called love make you blind.
Keep your eyes opened, let it flow and you will get there certainly.

Mar 28, 2009

Earth Hour!

The darkness surrounds me now, only in my room though XD
too bad my housemate doesn't want to participate =(
I wish people in singapore could be more earth conscious (haha is that the right word to say? lol)
I like things related to saving the earth or animals ;) i hope i can join some organisations like WWF one day. I remembered back in junior high, my school invited those people from WWF Indonesia to give a one-day seminar about the wild animals. Somehow every student became a junior member and got this cute junior membership card XD. since then I started to be aware of these things.
And that is why I loved geography in high school ;) aww i wish i could study more about it..miss it sooo much XD. I hope that those organisations create more of this kind of event so that people will be more aware of energy saving and global warming. Save our earth, people!
I'm happy that I participated this,
I vote the Earth! ^^

Mar 25, 2009

Estoy confundido ..

Yesterday I finally got my hair cut after 4 months back ago getting my hair cut in jakarta. It is not 100% exactly what I wanted but after considering the price and the result, it was worth it after all. I may be going back again for perm XP

The back part is quite short now, I look more like a kid haha~

New term has started and im gonna be busy again.
business law's lecturer really scared us as he said that many students failed his subject.
i thought the law that we're studying was supposed to be british law (as the course is programmed originally from UK) but apparently it is singaporean law and it's kinda strange, funny and creepy in many ways. one thing for sure is that they fine A LOT. but the hanging and caning punishments are really cruel. it is good though for the country as we can see now the crime rate is low, but it is far from humanism. aghh listening to that part today got me goosebumps """

Assignments had been given out and I'm kinda upset about something related to them, it's not about the assignments themselves but it's because of a classmate. He knew that I got good results for my previous exams so he wants to 'use' me (and joan, cuz we're in one group). For marketing, he wanted to join us as 3 persons are allowed and i know DEFINITELY that he won't do a thing and will just include his name and get the external benefits from us. and for business law, he wants us to help to search for the information as he said that he's going back to china for certain period of time. well, it's his problem right? why the heck i have to help him, moreover when i asked him why he wanna go back and he gave me a naive answer, "to play". =.="""!!!
there's no way im gonna help him, though we joke and laugh together as classmates sometimes but it is not what you call by "helping", isn't it? and he made some kind of agreement stating that if we help him he will drive us from huang zhou airport (or something like that) to shanghai when me and joan go there for holiday and treat us for the meals. i'm not bothered with that kind of so-called conditions though. if joan still accepts it then let her help by herself, i don't have time to do other people's work. i would join faye's group for marketing and the other one i would just do alone. im not trying to be mean but it's for his own good so that he won't be one of those pathetic losers. some people just know how to use friends in times when they need for their own benefits.

*sorry i made the end of this post sounds kinda bitter (again) but that's what's going on now :(

Mar 21, 2009

During the super short break..

4 days-break? what kind of break is this?
but i'm actually fine with it though, i don't like staying at home for so long.
yesterday i just realized that my headphones had gone. I was searching all over the room yet couldn't find it. then something came up in my mind, " it?"
then i grabbed my phone, texted a message and sent!
after i got a reply i finally knew where it was.
darn her, we met so many times in campus but she didn't give me. in fact she ignored me lately.
"i always forget to give you" she said. shut it woman, what a lame excuse.
bet she would've never given it back if i didn't ask. she used it more than i did, talked online at nights disturbing my sleeps and just took it from my table without asking first.
so i guess she really wanna take it as her own. i gotta clean it properly before i use, feel disgusted somehow. because of looking for the headphones, i was late to go to meet my friends -.-

faye got her hair cut. same style but the hairstylist made her look like an obasan~! LOL, even she admitted. i just said "matured" instead of "old" XD. mine is due on tuesday! ^^

just now my spanish teacher told us that she met Pharrel! I did know about Mosaic concert in Esplanade, but I never thought that Pharrel would come. then she said that she went backstage after the concert (she was very excited and talked funnily,lol. love her and her spanish^^) and met face-to-face with him and took picture. so lucky~ it brings back my regrets of not meeting RJA :C . Next time no matter how tired i am, how late it is and how impossible it would be, i must go to the backstage! *flaming eyes* lol~

anywayss.. i'm still thinking about going to shanghai with my friends this summer holiday, hmm..

Mar 16, 2009

Unbelievable Creature

why on earth such a person can exist in this damn world???
he's freaking irritatingggg!
"I know I wasn't close with you guys this term, but don't worry we'll get closer again, kay?"
WHAT THE ****!
who the hell wanna be close with him again?
he :
- is such an annoying person which i don't know anymore how to describe such a human being
- is trying to be cute (oh please..! yuck! noone has ever said that he's cute but he's still praising himself, WTF)
- is trying to look cool (oh yea he is.. NOT!)
- was our close friend before but that's before we finally realised his true color!
- has this "hip-hop walking style" which makes me feel like throwing up everytime i see it.
- has such a typical annoying voice that makes my ears feel so itchy.
- has so much free time to send useless messages to everyone though he knows noone is gonna reply.
- thinks that he's very attractive and funny. (only in his imaginary world)
i'm sooo gonna ignore him completely from now on.
YOU! Get the hell outta my life! I had enough!

Mar 11, 2009

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Concert!!!

finally i watched RJA concert! and it was freaking awesomeee!!
my ex-housemate was supposed to go with me and gerard but unfortunately she couldn't make it cuz she said she was sick =( so only me and gerard were rocking out last night XD
we came there like an hour before and the queue was already long!
after we went inside we were waiting til around 8 then the opening band came up and performed. it was a local band which i don't know and had no idea what the hell they were singing =x lol.
there was a moment when the lead singer suddenly went nearby the audience and like stood at the fence and the people started to touch his head and messed up his hair, LOL.
i wasn't interested at all in watching them, i didn't come for them!
after they had finished performing (finally), we still had to wait for another hour til RJA eventually came up and performed.
There were these crazy fellas who'd gone freaking hyper when the drums started beating hardly. They were like jumping and pushing each other, losing control and they kinda freaked me out -.-
Especially there was this guy, he was really having a great time on his own. He was like trying to get people to pump himself upwards and when the people who carried him were unstable, the guard saw it and tried to stop it. hahaa..
I tried to record and take pictures as many as I could. Some pictures turned out great but the videos are kinda
I was dying to take pictures with them and to get their autographs but at the end I didn't get them =(( cuz I also didn't know how to get to them since there were guards around. But!!! Just now I saw in Myspace that there's a girl who took pictures with them! what the hell!! Gerard! We should've not gone back home so fast! =(( or maybe she met them before the show, i don't know, but still.. I missed the chance :( Next time when there's another performance, I must see them one-to-one! lol.
My throat feels weird now and my right jaw hurts but I had a blast~! =DD

All the waitings are worth it =)

Ticket and entrance pass =)

The best time in 2009 so far! XD

Mar 7, 2009

The damn rain~!

why does the rain mostly come not at the right time?
i was expecting to look at a new thing in my room and play it tonight.
but due to the heavy irresponsible rain, (irresponsible? lol) my organ is not here now!
the guys were here already with their van and i saw my organ was waiting to be shifted to my room. but there was no cover so they couldn't do it. and it started to rain after i came home -.- i should've come home earlier so the guys could've brought it upstairs but the appointment was supposed to be at 4, and it wasnt even 4 yet so it was totally the rain's fault right? -.-
monday! it has to come right here! *pointing at the corner* lol.

Mar 5, 2009

Say Hi to the new place =)

Finally! I managed to get into internet~! YAA-TAAAAAAA~~~~! ;D
i miss you my blog! muahh muuaaahhh!! LOL.
Ok, it starts from last Sunday which was the day that I moved to a new place. This new place has its pros and cons.

Pros :
- i have my own room
- and it's BIG!
- my landlord and housemates are quite good ^^
- view of pine trees (and the road,lol) through the window
- bunch of food stalls around! XD
- amenities : checked
- direct buses to church, bugis (for spanish class)and plaza singapura (electone class)

Cons :
- 4th floor and no lifts! (it's killing me but it's good for some workout ;D)
- there's a building construction opposite, the noise is damn annoying =(
- my rental fee is excluded electricity-water bills and internet connection (that's why i have to get the internet on my own)
- some ageing people here cant speak friggin' english!
- it's a normal HDB flat, so there's no security
- and the blocks are kind of too close to the roads, the traffic noise is kinda irritating sometimes
- owner doesnt provide microwave and rice-cooker -.- luckily my housemate wanna share her iron XD

well well, i am super super busy these days cuz of the new place. freaking tired..and my ez-link card is finishing damn fast! -.-"
tomorrow is the last day of term 2..sooo fast..
o yeah! this evening i was so surprised when i got the results slip from MDIS. it's the term 1's results. and guess what? I got both As again! gyaaaa~~!!!! Thank you God! i really didnt expect it.