Jan 30, 2009

Parents' Love

The tree represents the parents, while the boy/man represents the children.
At times, we tend to be selfish and very demanding at our parents.
What we get always seems not enough and instead, we'd ask for more.
We often don't appreciate what our parents do because we haven't understood of what it takes to be a parent.
There are times when we get annoyed or upset by their words or actions, but all they do or plan is for our own good both for the present and the future. It does take time for us to realize the good of what they do.
Every parent loves the children and sometimes we forget that.
Different parents may show different ways to show their love, but all of these are done to reach one single absolute goal: to make the children more successful than them in the future.
However, some children "abandon" their parents once they have achieved what they want.
They completely forgot that they can't be where they are now without their parents' love.
All of you who are reading this should feel really lucky that you have good parents who provide you a lot of things that you can enjoy at the moment.
They give you money to buy stuff which you never thought of how much time and energy that they have used to get them.
All we do is just keep complaining because it's never enough.
Love and respect your parents,
you don't exist without them.


Yee said...

LOL! u sound sooooooooooooo professional man... LOL... well you sound like a very experienced person... =x haha... btw i like this post~~~~ so true abt our parents n stuff... =)

.:JoaNNa:. said...

first comment! lol.
i didnt realize at all haha..
hoho, thank you..i sound like a grown up? kakaa~~