Jan 29, 2010

la luna llena


the sky is clear lately

as i peek out from my window

a giant crystal is shining through the pine trees

so luminous, it beats the shines of the city lights

when it’s getting late, it keeps going up,

till the highest point in the sky

under the same sky, across the ocean, a friend is in need

when she poured her story, my cup was spilled

what a shame that i couldn't do much for her

a best friend should’ve done better than this

hope she can see the giant crystal too

may it lead her way while she’s lost in the dark

oh God, listen to my prayers


Jan 26, 2010

The Complements

P1230173 P1230178


     top & belt – thrift stores, necklace – F21, pants – from Indonesia, pumps – Carlo Rino

This is what I wore to church last Sunday. It looks more like a typical Monday outfit dont you think? haha, it’s because of the pants! My mom gave them to me quite long ago and I had been wondering how to wear them with the shoes I had, since I used to have only sneakers haa! For the top, actually it was like a set together with a shirt dress but I dont wear the dress anymore so yeah :P and the rubber belt, it was also bought together with a top that I wear here. So I kinda took them from their partners haha. Well, the post title says it all!

Oh, by the way I started packing few days ago for my transition course holidays! I know it’s still 2 weeks away but by then I wont have time to pack anymore! I guess this is the first time of me packing so early from the departure date :D my mom asked me to sort out my things here coz a lot of them I dont really use/wear. It’s so hard for me! It’s true that I dont really use it but maybe there’s a time when i need it, right? Right? No? Ok…

Have great week everyone! ;)

xoxo, Jo

Jan 22, 2010

Pretty things in life

me n hmsty7 P1190165

                                     -yr 2005-                                                                                -yr 2010-

So 2 days ago I met up with two of my old study tour friends. We had fun catching up and being so loud, just like 5 years ago! The girl in the picture (right hand side) was one of the closest friends during the tour. It’s amazing if I think back again of how 2week-trip could build such a beautiful friendship. She came to Singapore following her parents for a medical purpose and it was a perfect time to have some nostalgic meet-up since we had the study tour in Singapore.

                                                  me n hmsty_hp

Too bad that another close friend is in Canada now :( hope we can meet her by this summer! Back then we were the three musketeers ;)

Btw, this is an off-topic but check this video out!


Isn’t it very inspirational? I love Caitlin Crosby, her songs always motivate me when I feel self-conscious about my appearance. It reminds me that everyone has their own flaws and we just have to embrace them. Flaws make us unique and special, which are not to be ashamed of. Without flaws, we’d be too perfect and being perfect is boooorrring. Imperfect is the new perfect! ;)

xoxo, Jo

Jan 19, 2010

Morado, te amo




dress-from china, top-thrift store, necklace-f21, tights-topshop. (thumbs up for messy hair? haha)

Have i mentioned before how much i love purple color? if i havent…

I love purple <3

Despite i heart purple so much i rarely buy clothes in purple.. but somehow these days i keep buying purple stuff! i guess soon i’ll say bye to the monochrome closet ;)

Tomorrow im gonna meet 2 of my study tour friends that I havent met for ages.. im pretty excited :D i wish i could meet the rest though, but we’ve lost contact few months after the tour :/

Oh, talking about old friends.. hmm I got pretty upset yesterday when all of sudden a ‘friend’ from middle school started talking to me on msn. and he was pretty annoying and snobbish as i knew he was. he was acting like really nice whereas his words were nothing but sarcasms. but im over it! haha. i joked back when he gave his sarcastic "jokes" and tried to be a good listener to his "inspiring" stories. so if a person saw our conversation im pretty sure that he/she would think that we were having fun chatting! LOL

till next time!

xoxo, Jo ;)

Jan 17, 2010

Lots of learning going on…

PC040003 PC040009

PC040011 PC040015

PC100005 PC040001 PC040007 PC040006


These show how much I paid attention in Human Resource class last year. Very focused, indeed. (haha!) I realized these doodles when I went through the book to do the assignment. Some of them look sort of emo, i think because i was not in a very happy mood. And guess what? I did all of these in front of the lecturer as i always sit at the first row lol. Didnt he see it, you may ask. Wellll to him as long as he’s not interrupted by noisy students while lecturing, he seems to be in his own HR fantasy world. :D

I only doodle in his class because it’s always B-----!! (fill in the blank) haha. However, it was 2009, as the year changes its digits I’m trying my best to be a better student :) But anyways, who doesnt love doodling? lol

I’ll save this little hobby for a long break after the exam. By then I will be drawing better sketches rather than messy doodles :D

Btw, here's a list of what I'm excited at the moment.

  1. In my spanish class we're learning the vocabs of wardrobe and conversations about shopping! (2 of my favorite things in one go)
  2. More shopping next week!
  3. The fact that chinese new year is coming which means that im going back soon!
  4. I did my test pretty well few days ago ;)
  5. No more assignments! *kneels down, hands on the chest*

xoxo, Jo

Jan 15, 2010

Indifference curve




plaid shirt-triset, camisole-mom's, necklace-f21, shorts-cotton on, booties-new look

I got a new pair of booties. So excited!
They just look normal but the thing that makes me most satisfied is that they're super comfortable to wear, which I didn't expect at all. since it's hard for me to get comfortable shoes.. and the price was within my budget :D
I got them discounted because my friend lent me his membership card hahaa (soooo thankful)!
So when I got home I straightaway took some pictures wearing them without changing my outfit :P and before I was wearing sneakers haha. Please don’t mind my short fat legs and the messy room. LOL

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Jo

Jan 12, 2010

Back on the road

I'm back to college this week, which means I'm back to be busy of studying for tests and exams, and no more sleep-when-you-feel-like-sleeping :/
And my health is back yay! That means I'm back eating chocolates and fried foods haha! Just need to remind myself all the time to drink plenty of water :)
Did I say "I'm back" too much?
I think I did haha ok let's just stop here :P

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was kinda busy so yeah.
Gotta go to prepare for a test tomorrow.
Later! ;)


Jan 7, 2010

Pale on Red

Today I had my first music class in 2010. I showed my teacher the results of last exam. She glanced through and said they were pretty good. She paused for a second at 'Sight Reading' result and said "(You're) lucky". I don't know if she really thinks that I so suck at it so I'm just very lucky to have that score. Well, I failed once and I believe that I passed this time not simply because of luck.

Yesterday I went to the doctor (again) and when I was at the train station an old man suddenly called me and asked whether I could help him to buy a one-way ticket. It was like $2.60 and he didnt have enough money (he said). I gave all coins that I had (I was in a hurry) but they werent enough still. He said it's alright and as I was leaving I said
"Thank you"
It wasn't a sarcasm (since he only said sorry) but I get used to say thanks after opening my purse, assumed that a transaction has been done. It's funny when I think back about it again haha :P

I'm still not fully recovered yet, it's been a week since New Year's Eve :/ Two doctors seen, tons of medicines and remedies taken, why won't they work as they're supposed to? Hope the fever/flu go away before I go back to college. I don't like taking medications, antibiotics make me sick. Pray for me <3

Jan 4, 2010

filled my world much.

New peep that I found this morning.
She sounds like Lady Gaga..ish. lol
I really like her outfits here, wish I had them X)

Ke$ha - TiK ToK

KE$HA | MySpace Music Videos

What I've been listening to these days :
(click to go to their page)

Check them out if you haven't heard of them.
If you know One for the Team and Plasticines then you may realize that I'm a Gossip Girl fan haha.

Jan 2, 2010

Be better

I still can't believe that it's already 2010, time really goes by so fast.
Hmm..let's see what my new year's resolutions are.

  • Practicing the electone more --> to pass the fundamental exam --> to complete the whole grade 5!
  • Studying harder --> to complete the last term of Adv. Diploma with distinctions!
  • To think and take things more positively
  • Controlling my expenses better
  • Exercising more!
  • Making my parents happy always
  • Be closer to God
  • Minimizing my bad sides and maximizing the good ones
So what are yours?

I hope that in 2010 there will be less disease outbreaks, less shocking deaths, less natural disasters and more peace, better environment (stop global warming!), more economic upturn.


Jan 1, 2010

It's 2010!

On the New Year's Eve, me and my friend went to a concert party featuring Hoobastank! It was freakin awesome! (minus the waiting time) :D

They performed my favorite songs like 'Inside of You' and 'So Close, So Far' :) and of course everyone's favorite, 'The Reason' which was performed after the countdown! The balloons were released and there were lots of small sparkling papers pouring, plus the fire! Yes it was hot! Literally! :P
See here for more concert pics!

Wearing F21 purple tank, black cardigan and plaid scarf from Indonesia, Cotton On short distressed denim, black sneakers (below, left side) and Pierre Cardin leather backpack.

Tired legs!

I was so tired and it was difficult to go home since all the cabs were full! I ended up walking from one of the train stations -.- and I found that little pink paper stuck inside my shoes haha :P
What an epic way to end the year!
2009 taught me a lot of things in life. There were countless of ups and downs which gave me a lot of experiences. Joys and misery were best friends that filled my days throughout the year.
Hope things will be better in 2010! I'm ready for the new challenges! ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

All the best to all of you!

Btw, how did you spend your New Year's Eve? :)