Aug 25, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

It's Miss Venezuela! Again!
I was pretty surprised of the results of Miss Universe 2009 yesterday. I really wanted Miss Puerto Rico to win coz she looked PERFECT! She looked like a barbie without being blond and when she smiled everything just looked perfect from every angle. Whoo! lol.
But yeah the judges didnt choose her instead she was like the 4th runner up aka the lowest among the 5! Maybe her answer wasnt that good hmm i didnt really hear the questions coz i was paying attention to their faces and the language (spanish :P) and my food. LOL.
Yup, i was having my dinner with my friends in a friend's apartment. We ate Mcds while watching Miss Universe so yeah we had some sorta feelings of guilty pleasure lol. My friend, Effy just couldn't stop eating til she said to me "Urgh..please stop me..i feel painful" LMAO. Funny girl lol.
And for all of you who watched it yesterday of course ya know what happened at the end right? Haha yeah! The crown was dropped lol~~ The new Miss Universe was too excited, hugging the previous one, kind of jumping, then *drop* lol. The crown looked amazing.
I still prefer the 2008 winner though, she's so pretty and she looks like a fun person :)
If im not mistaken the new one is only like 18? and she looked like 25. I'm not kidding lol.

When the crown fell off lol

Her smile looks like Demi Lovato's :P

Aug 24, 2009

Journalist : Joanna XD

I woke up with some nasty things mind. what a good start -.- but well here i tell you why.

Recently the neighbor country's trying to mess up with my country AGAIN.
*This is gonna be pretty offensive and controversial to some people so please do not have hard feelings or offense for those affected* I'm just writing in my private blog remember? :)
At first I just took it easy and thought it was just nothing, but when I re-thought about that again, it irritated me.
Ok the case is that they've been claiming what WE have as THEIRS for their tourism advantage.
From the culture, food, traditional songs, traditional clothes, territories, and maybe there are some more that I dont know.
I'm aware that once both of these countries were united as one and I'm also not sure which one was the oldest and stuff but still, they shouldn't 'steal' others' belongings 'coz as I know, all of the things that they claimed have been parts of my country since I was born. So it's pretty weird and irritating when foreigners know about this stuff and think that they're originated from *pfft*.
A friend of mine told me after he went there that he was enjoying the food. I was like oh alright (coz that country also has their own traditional food so i was cool). The he went, "The food were actually our food but they said it as their traditional food."
My mom said a really good point about them.
"They've been taking/claiming our tradition and they sent terrorists as a return."
*ok it's getting obvious*
Ok for your concern, the bombings and stuff that have been happening in my country, the roots and brains were from the neighbor. They came and "taught" aka brainwashed our people to be like them. The targets were always those from small villages that are low educated and can get influenced easily, that's why they can make bombs, "protect" their "leaders" and even get married with the locals! My goodness. (I can actually write a newspaper article for this lol)
Ok let's get back to the main topic.
You have NO IDEA how it was like when I was there for a long period (now it's really obvious) and people back home were accusing me!
Ex-schoolmates that I didnt talk much to started talking to me on msn, in mind that they wanted to ask how i was doing. BUT instead, they were like "Why in hell did you go there? The education here is a lot better"; "How's it going in that rotten country?";"*censored censored censored*".
Even in the school reunion when i went back there!
I'm not lying that they were so mean, they were swearing at me as if I was the one to blame and im surprised that i could cool myself down. *i almost cried though, i mean what did i do right?* I thought that they were overreacting and i didnt care about what was happening there at all. And now I realize that I was living in a foe's territory and they didnt like that.
Actually i dont want to consider that we're enemies or something, but I just hope that the neighbor will STOP messing around with us so we could be the two happy countries nyanyanyanyanyaaa =.= =.=
So now you know how deep the hatred our people have. I saw a website or a blog last time about these 2 countries (oh! one of my "nationalist" friends linked me lol) and omg they were actually fighting on the net! and i was actually pissed off of a neighbor that manipulated our national song. That one was too much man, it was so disrespectful.
Ok maybe the neighbor country was better when I first went there, in terms of facilities and stuff. But now i dont think my country is that bad. I mean, the economy is getting better and hey we've got better and BIGGER malls and amusement parks, yeah! lol.

I've never been this defensive and nationalist of my country, like, never, lol but yeah i think i started to care about where i grew up and blame my parents for being like a BBC News. lol.

No hard feelings right? :)

peace xx

Aug 23, 2009


I thought my spanish exam was fine till.....
I realized my mistakes! Urgh!
I thought I'd ace it :( didn't expect the jumbled words part at all.
It should've been easy though, but as usual, I just couldnt help making stupid mistakes =.=
and the oral test as well. It was fine though, but I just dont feel confident with my answers. I know the words! But i got too nervous so i forgot some of it -.-
I dont think I can get 97/100 again :'(
My typical stupid case: I'm too focused on the difficult ones so I forget the easy ones.
Ok let's move on, it's already over.

It's been a while since I had weird dreams and last night I had one again.
It was like a high school trip. I think all Fairview friends were there, even Kyong Mi!
Omg I was sooo shocked, moreover she was in a... wheelchair. (????)
The strange thing is I didn't ask what had happened to her, instead I asked was it permanent or not. (????) Ok I remember I did say that but what I meant I guess was whether she had to use the wheelchair permanently or not. She could be in some treatment or what that required her to use the wheelchair right? And she was like yeah, my mom wants me to. O.o (*another*????)
My understanding was that she could choose to use it or not but her mom wanted her to use it all the time? Maybe. But I really hope there's nothing bad happened to her in real life and make this dream as another weird dream of mine.

I felt like I really had fun back then, kinda miss it.

Aug 22, 2009

I am

I'm an angel, I'm a devil
I am sometimes in between
I'm as bad it can get
And good as it can be
Sometimes i'm a million colors
Sometimes i'm black and white
I am all extremes
Try figure me out you never can
There's so many things i am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I'm miserable
Sometimes I'm pitiful
But that's so typical of all the things I am

I'm someone filled with self-belief
And haunted by self-doubt
I've got all the answers
I've got nothing figured out
I like to be by myself
I hate to be alone
I'm up and I am down
But that's part of the thrill
Part of the plan
Part of all of the things I am

I'm a million contradictions
Sometimes I make no sense
Sometimes I'm perfect
Sometimes I'm a mess
Sometimes I'm not sure who i am

-Hilary Duff

Love the song, love the lyrics, love HILARY DUFF (sooo much!) :D

Aug 20, 2009

Being random

I have this weird feeling going on.
Hope I'm wrong.
And please don't.

Spanish exam AHHH!

10-days break will start tomorrow onwards and I have PLENTY of works to do.

Organ exam AHHH!

Can't wait for next Monday *evil laugh* XDD

To me, happiness never lasts long. There's always something breaking it in the midst. It's not that I'm being negative but well the truth seems to be that way. Or maybe I just haven't found my eternal happiness yet? Or maybe I just simply envy those people who seem to be the happiest people on earth. Speaking about eternal happiness, I would sure get one in heaven right? :)
Ok let's stop this it's getting awkward, I don't wanna die yet, lol.

*sorry if i get ya'll confused of this post, all stuff shown at once* =P

Aug 17, 2009

August 17th

Happy birthday, Indonesia :)

*I almost forgot about it yesterday =P*
I recalled how I celebrated the independence day last time in schools. A ceremony and competitions among classes were the rituals. I would find myself at the ensemble group or choir in the ceremony and I preferred to join musical competitions rather than sports or silly games :D
It's been 3 years since this date has become a normal date to me. Miss those times :)

Aug 16, 2009

What a day

My aunt and her family came to Singapore and i was hanging out with them for the weekend. We went to clarke quay yesterday and took a river taxi. Everytime i go there flashbacks start. A lot of memories i have there with different people, including yesterday :)

And today we went to Singapore Science Center. I went once before during my 2week-homestay when i was a middle school student. Good times and good people. They're the ones who indirectly changed me. I thank them for that. I miss them :(
Oh and I met 3 old friends today. First, a middle school friend, I didnt get a chance to say hi to her, i dont know her well though so yea nevermind.

Then, when i was about to cross the road, a girl came to me and said "Joanna? Jo...anna..right?" and i swear to God I didnt remember her AT ALL. Her face looked familiar though but i just couldnt remember her name. Then we talked for a while, while we were crossing then ciao. she was like okay we'll talk again later! but i was wondering how we were gonna do that since i dont even have her fb yet. lol. its so weird. even few minutes after that i still couldnt remember where or how we know each other. "was she from the same primary school? middle school?" definitely not high school lol. THEN eventually i remembered she was my primary school friend. omg it was like centuries ago and we were not even close but she still remembered my face? it means i didnt change at all? actually i was told like that many times.

Ok and here comes the last person.
At first i was looking at her just because my eyes were simply looking over there,lol. i was looking at this girl, she was eating alone, then she caught my eyes and i looked away *woops she got me* lol.
Afterwards i was talking with my aunt or cousin then i looked at her again. She was with a guy now then i realized something. She looked like a friend in primary school *again* i know-.-
she glanced at me for a while but then looked away. *like what i did ha* then i was thinking to say hi to her later but i still wasnt sure whether she was the right person. sooo i didnt. :P

P.S I dislike and still dont know why this type of people exist:
One day i get introduced to her/him, we talk and hang out but the next day when we meet again she/he doesn't even look at me.
I love and have been wondering why this type of people rarely appear:
One day i get introduced to her/him, after talking for 5 minutes we look like have been friends for 5 years.
*it happens though but very RARE*
(btw this has nothing to do with the story above) lol

Aug 14, 2009


My friend, Effy came to my flat yesterday and she was having fun with the webcam lol.

Tonight there will be a high school reunion. Too bad that I cant go :( I really wanna see everyone since we havent met for more than a year. Cant wait to see the pics on facebook =P

Oh and last night, I was told that a friend is participating in a singing competition or something like that. He said "our John" and I was like hmm? John...New? and yeah it's him lol.

He really took the risk by ending it with a high note. Well, we gotta take high risks to expect high returns right? =P
I found that he can sing during the the school trip to Pangkor Island when he picked up his guitar and started singing in the bus. Good times :)


Aug 13, 2009

I don't know what to put as a title lol

Yesterday, my day started out pretty well till a friend of mine, a guy, being so honest by telling me in detailed that I'm getting fatter. Well I realized that though but he didnt have to go in details so yeah thanks a lot pal.
My whole 5 minutes was a bit ruined by that but i was surprised that it was only 5 minutes lol. In the past it could ruin my whole day =P so i was telling myself, joanna u changed and u rock. LOL.

After class I met up Ebrahim. Yes, the one from Fairview. He came to follow his dad getting some business done or something. He said I'm getting smaller and shorter =.="" ppl can't get shorter right! Ugh something was wrong with his eyes. So I got 2 different opinions in a day lol. Oh, does that mean that I was jumbo in high school? Kyaaaaa~
After having a chit chat we met up his online friend. They hadnt met before so yeah it was supposed to be like a blind date? But he brought me there and the friend also brought her friend so yeah haha. The girl was pretty sweet and i think they look good together ;) and the girl's friend was pretty cool as well. She got her lips pierced and her hair bright-highlighted but seriously it wasnt her look that made her cool. Her attitude was totally reverse from her appearance. We were sort of connected apparently, so yeay a new friend =P
We had a dinner and watched G.I Joe. Damn the movie was sooo long and I dont really understand what the movie was all about. Lol.
I was sooo tired and sleepy when I got home.

Aug 10, 2009


New Korean music that I've been listening to : 2NE1 (twenny-one) =P
Their voices are much better than ehm Wonder Girls, coz they don't go by looks lol (no offense)

Rihanna cover

And their music is like this.

My favourite one, Lollipop! Together with Big Bang all of them look so cute here~^^

Aug 9, 2009

August Picks!

Look at these shoes!

Cute ^^

I'm getting a jumpsuit as well! but not this type XD

It's dancing =P

Emma Watson! Gorgeous girl + graceful dress = PERFECT :)

Have you ever watched The Grinch? The greeny creature who wants to steal Christmas or whatever lol. And this girl acted as the little girl who becomes Grinch's friend. I was so surprised that she has grown up so much! She's in Gossip Girl as well. Love her outfit!

This necklace is on my shopping list too ;)

Meet Katelyn Rose! I joined her web called Suddenly Darling. Cool web! She gives fashion ideas and tips to teen girls who have limited budget like me hahaa. She's pretty :)

Love the two tops :)

Blazer Fever!

Let me share you guys my pathetic story about blazer..
So few weeks ago I saw a black blazer in Esprit shop in a mall nearby my flat. The shop is especially opened there to sell off their surpluses, so it's always a SALE. I got a cute tiny black umbrella for my mom since she's looking for one. Back to the blazer.., I wanted to get it that day but I just didn't feel like shopping after paying my school and rental fee. I was thinking to come back again and meanwhile I wanted to look around another shops first to see the best bargain offered. And I did window-shopping that day and I thought the Esprit one had the best bargain. I went there today and IT WASN'T THERE ANYMORE! I'M SOOOO MAD. I should've got it that time! ARGH! It's just one of classic stories of mine -.-
So I'm planning to look for one at the little boys' section in department stores. I read that tip on fashion websites :)

I am soooo getting it! I've been wanting it for such a loooong timeee~

Oh it looks so good with torn jeans and heels/boots XDD

Aug 8, 2009

After we grew up..

I feel lazy to blog lately but I do have something to talk about.

First, recently primary school friends of mine whom I haven't met for ages started appearing on Facebook. Well I should say that they just found me so yeah. I was sooo surprised when my ex-bff in 3rd grade added me and we started giving comments. I remembered that she moved after 3rd grade to another school and since then we had lost contact. (cellphones weren't popular at that time and i didn't even have one yet :P) but i guess i called her house phone once and what i remembered was she sounded like didn't wanna talk to me and seemed to enjoy more her new school, so since that call i'm not bothered anymore. And apparently.. she still remembers me. "How can i forget my bestfriend in primary school?" she said. :))
She was pretty and is even prettier now. Back in 3rd grade i kinda admired her coz i think she got everything that a girl ever wanted. You know, a perfect girl kind of type :)
There was a time when she fell down on her knee. I forgot whether she was crying or not but the funny thing was a moment after that or maybe a day after she fell, i fell down on my elbow, lol. and it was an accident as well :P then we both had injuries and smiled :)

Ok and another friend from primary school is this guy who moved after 4th grade. I think he moved straightaway to U.S coz he's still there now. I remembered him as a tall, naughty kid but sometimes he had no friends to play with so he followed me and my friends haha. He was pretty nice actually, but it's just I was too shy to hang out with boys that time lol so I don't really have much memories of him. And now... he's got a 1-year old baby.
Me got shocked? Yes, REALLY.
Normally i'm not that surprised of the stories about teenagers having babies, maybe because i'm not that close or don't know at all about the person, but this one.. we were classmates for 2 years i guess, and in my mind his look is still like a 4th grader boy.. so.. i when i heard it i was like OMG i couldnt believe it. When i checked his fb he seems to have a pretty good life and not covering the fact that he has a child at all. I was kinda confused though, about which one the wife is lol, coz he seems to have pretty a lot of close female friends despite that his current gf should be called as his WIFE already. But from his pictures he doesnt look like a wild bad guy that normally smokes or drugs, so yeah maybe it was just some inevitable carelessness. I think he's pretty popular in his school, like in the movie 17 again XD. And I actually wanna see his baby :) oh and his wife's pretty hot xD

My college friends are in JB now, and 1 of them said they're still gonna have fun without me arrh! They're going clubbing tonight i suppose, and i'm here entertaining myself by watching a drama hahaa.

Today i slept a lottttt, too tired heehee. And I'm getting SO FAT.

Gonna post about fashion stuff soon! =D *it's been a while* :)

Aug 5, 2009

It's been a year

Last year, around this date, I just started going to college. Omg I barely can feel that 1 year has passed! And I'm getting old! well duh. lol
I remembered when I was still in highschool, after the summer holidays ended and went back to KL again, when I was on the school bus on the first day of the new term I was thinking like last year I was sitting here as well, feeling nervous of new school and worrying about how the new friends would treat me. haha.
The feelings of here-i'm-back-in-my-independent-life-again always appear everytime the holidays are over. X)
Time flies super quickly.. but I still have another 3 years to go to complete my degree! haha

Oh today, I watched The Hangover and it was f---ing HILARIOUS! And they didnt cut or censor any parts of it! It's a crazy funny retarded movie HAHA :DD worth to watch XP

Aug 4, 2009

Mis hermanossss

I miss my brothersssss~~~
Leon(y) and Gerard(o)~~hahaa.
One loves Taylor Swift and one loves Marie Digby XDD
and me? Ahhemm you know who it is X))
Hope to see you again guysss,, your onechan misses youuu!


Aug 3, 2009

¿Por qué?

Estoy en mi dormitorio, estudio español solo. Tengo hambre~~ ¿Qué debo comer? =P
Quiero preguntar todos vosotros.
Estoy en un dilema siempre. ¿Cómo salgo de aquí?

Aug 1, 2009

Here I am sitting in my cousin's room, thinking what to do while shes getting her shower done.
There are so many people here i just cant imagine myself living with a bunch of people. It looks fun, but I think sometimes I need to have my own time :)

I had my Spanish class just now. There were A LOT of people as well. Why did I meet so many people today? *stupid question*
I gotta catch up a lot of stuff and I cant take the exam that is due on the 22nd :( so it means i cant join this class anymore :( and so it means i wont be in the same class with Kath anymore :( AGHHH its so not funnnn i still wanna be in the same class with the same people and teacher :( Nataliaaaaa~~~~ :( 

I'm getting busy these days with Spanish make-up classes coming up and extra organ classes as well. And my head is also full of debtors lol. PEOPLE RETURN MY MONEY PLEASE! LOL. Otherwise I'm gonna add some interest! Haha.

Hey Monday's song is stuck in my head now.
"..and I can't think of anybody else who I hate to miss, as much as I hate missing you.."