Feb 22, 2009

A's Story

A and B were such best friends, since the first day they met each other in a new school. A got to know a lot of friends and things because of B. A was glad and considered B as A's role model. Somehow, C came to their friendships and became their best friend as well. They were so connected to each other and never got separated, however, in A's eyes, A and B were still closer than ever no matter what happened. Until there were times when B and C ignored A all the way because it seemed like A wasn't so into the thing that B and C were. A was left out. Things got worse when A found out that A was backstabbed. B was so sorry to A, but it seemed like nothing had happened for C. So, B was the only one apologizing to A and things became better, even better than before. When A thought that A and B could have this great friendship forever, B left. It was a deep sorrow for A.

"When your eyes were opened for another page of life,
the page was burnt,
and there, only the ashes lingered,

everything had gone,
you wished that your eyes had never been opened."

After B couldn't be there for A anymore, without A's awareness, A and C were breaking apart. Few months later, C got a new best friend and A was forgotten. C didn't think so, of course, C thought that A had got a new one as well, whereas things only seemed like it. A and C looked like they never knew each other before. Their connector was no longer there.

A, X and Y were pretty good friends at school. X has been always the centre of everybody's attention. Y asked "where is X?" for many times on the same day, though A had given X a clear, absolute reply. For the rest of the day, Y didn't talk to A at all besides that repetitive question.
*A believed that noone would've cared if A had been absent*
The next day, X was present.
Y was so happy and stuck with X for the whole day like a super glue. Y passed by A and said, "Oh, you're here! How come I didn't see you?"
*A thought that A really never existed in everybody's eyes*

"When you realized that your existence was only a complement,
hopes fell down,
heart petrified,
you no longer behaved genuinely"

In another words,
A could not be as close as before with C without B's presence.
If A was not X's friend, A would've not been friends with Y.

So.., what do you think about A? Is A a pathetic person?

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