Sep 28, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #17

One of my favorite Youtubers ever, Dave Days! He’s grown big and became so successful. Soon he will release his official music album I’m so proud of him! He deserves the success and fame after all of his hard work! What he did shows everyone that following your dreams plus hard work totally pay off!

Can't get the words out of my mouth
That little feeling everyone talks about
The things you say like I miss your face
I wanna let you know but I can't get the words to go so


Olive you and everything you do
What two words can mean afraid to say the other three
Olive you the words are coming true
I don't know what to say but olive you


Can't fight the feeling I feel inside
I try to tell you but I always hide
The things you say like I want you to stay right
Here by my side and let the words slide


Olive you and the little things you do
What two words can mean afraid to say the other three
Olive you the words are coming true
I don't know what to say but olive you


You wanna tell me but I don't know how to say it
I'll let it out what's been on my mind
Those two words need an I love...


I love you and everything you do
These two words mean what I meant to say with three
I love you never felt so smooth
All I can say is I love you
(Olive you olive you olive you)
I love you
(Olive you olive you olive you)
I love you


Go check out and subscribe Dave Days!

Olive you! (;

xo, Jo

Sep 26, 2010

14 hours of FUN!

My rainbow crew!60982_456263258256_576513256_5058139_101828_n

Universal Studio (:



   Love this guy! He was hilarious! :D62857_456260953256_576513256_5058090_1870739_n

My babies (:21092010197   

Forever young!P9202511


Far Far Away Kingdom!P9202618

Shrek & Fiona ((:60104_456259933256_576513256_5058076_176385_n




Liar. We got soaked!P9202528

The cast!


I stole his hat (:P9202560



The best ride: MUMMY!62857_456260988256_576513256_5058097_3779392_n


Top – Cotton On, shorts – Guess, sandals - Mitju



This is pretty much what I did on my birthday. Very tiring but I had a blast!

I know I look like 9 year old kid. Well.. I AM nine!

Teen. (:

xo, Jo

Sep 20, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #16

It’s not Tuesday yet in where I live but well this week is special so here it is, an early Tuneful Tuesday post! These 2 songs relate as to why this week, especially this Tuesday, is different. So make sure to listen to them ;)

Well I've been afraid of changin'
because I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder,
even children get older
And I'm getting older too

One of my favorite childhood songs from a Mexican soap opera! The girl singing (Belinda) is still my favorite singer/actress till today (:

Sera que es el momento de crecer, de niƱa a mujer

Had an idea in your mind yet?

For those who think:

  • It’s her birthday!

A: Bingo! :D

  • Uhh.. I don’t know?

A: Me getting older! Can’t you tell? LOL.

Well, I’m not that excited of getting older but I’m SO STOKED for tomorrow coz I’m gonna have so much fun with my friends! Pics coming up soon!

Have a lovely day! ;)

xo, Jo

Sep 18, 2010

The little things she likes.

When I saw this skirt on the sale rack in a department store I knew I had to get it! Love the color ;) Oh, do you like the chain belt? I do. Last holiday my mom opened her vintage accessories box and I straightaway grabbed this gorgeous chain belt. Real vintage from the 80’s!floralskirt

Bambi earrings from Forever 21 for around 4bucks (Singapore Dollars), super cute and cheap!

f21earrings1 f21earrings2

Last week I finally sewed the bead on this top that fell apart and left abandoned for probably more than a month lol.1


Flower ring from New Look. LOVE.3

Last week’s hairstyle : flat, boring, and that annoying fringe kept poking my eyes.4

Current hairstyle: volumised + HIGHLIGHTED! :D5

Have a great weekend everyone! ;)

xo, Jo

Sep 16, 2010

Privileged weekend ;)

So last weekend one of my cousins from Indonesia came to guide a tour. Me and another cousin were invited to stay in the hotels and I found out that holding the hotel card was really a powerful thing lol.

Let the pics tell the rest of the story!13092010167


Swimming pool at the roof top! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!P9112202




Ignore the shadow, it’s not a ghost, just a kid passing by lol.P9112278

Enjoying the free stay! :PP9112282





Oh, well…P9112311 

Awesome architecture!P9112313 

Hard Rock Hotel ;)P9122315


Narnia closet!P9122322 

I wanna bring those pictures home X)P9122334 P9122347

P9122354 P9122358


Another casino!P9122372

Oh, well..P9122373



We forgot the room number and literally tapped every room on the 5th floor to find ours lol.P9122385


Crystal elevator ;)P9122381 P9132420 P9132421 P9132426


I wanted to swim so bad!! *screw monthly gift* But I truly enjoyed the breakfast buffet! :D

This weekend I believe will be much more relaxing coz it’s been a tiring week!

Till next time! ;)

xo, Jo