Mar 20, 2013

Tay and Shorts (#TT106)

I’ve been waiting for this music video to be released but late to catch the day when it was up on YouTube. So here it is! 22 by Taylor Swift!

I have to say that this is one of my favorites off her album “Red”. When I just got the album last year, I couldn’t stop listening to it!!

So I started seeing a pattern on Taylor’s style that her iconic ‘dress-and-boots’ style has been replaced with ‘shorts-and-oxfords’ more of a laid-back style. And we all know that the major transformation is with the hair. I love her with both curly and straight hair. She incorporates red lipstick almost all the time now as well.

Let’s see a short portfolio of Tay and her love with shorts!

It started off with ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ music video.

She really keeps it consistent with what she wears in the music video and on shows. It’s kind of a different case with ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, since she looks like a hippy rebellious teen in the video and transforms into a dark broken hearted queen in her performances. Not to mention that she makes the song more dubstep-ish haha.

I’m pretty excited to see what kind of style she will adopt for ‘22’ live performances. I personally think that there’s a high chance that she will put her ‘shorts-and-oxfords’ ensemble again, since she shows it like her statement in her album covers from the beginning (one of them is the first pic in this post).  What do you think?



I’m gonna use this song for a special day this month ;)

Not really diggin’ this song, but still post it anyway since it’s and Spears ;)

Catchy, but taking lyrics from previous famous songs quite bugs me.

Beyonce’s “Bow Down”:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great week!

xo, Jo

Mar 12, 2013

OZ The Great! (#TT105)

I was SO excited when I first saw the poster of this movie for the first time at the cinema. I've been and will always be a sucker for  Disney movies, especially fairy-tale based.

 I went to watch it last weekend and I have to say that my expectation of the story line was different (didn't read the synopsis or anything) but it was still great! LOVED the graphics although I watched it in 2D. I think in 3D it would be super awesome!

I've never read the entire classic novels of Oz, so I didn't know of this story version at all. The only Oz book I've read was the one with Dorothy entering Oz for the first time. It was a picture book that consists of probably 10 pages. I also kinda forgot how it goes specifically but after watching this movie, I remember of my childhood picture books and how much I miss them! I had every single fairy tale story that you can think of. I don't know where they are now. My mom probably gave them away to charities or something. I recall some of them were destroyed because of the severe flood in my hometown :'( I really hope there's still some left behind!



Check out the Oz soundtrack by the diva!

I honestly didn't notice this song during the movie, probably in the end? I was really enjoying the orchestra background music ;)

Have you watched Oz The Great and Powerful?
Let me know your experience if you have!

BONUS: Joe Brooks!!!

The acoustic heartthrob released a new single this month and invited Tammin Sursok (Jenna in Pretty Little Liars) to be his love interest in the music video. How awesome!!

Mr. (Perfect) Brooks brings his music to the next level! Normally he plays around with acoustic sounds but this time added the pop-beat touch into his music. I can't wait to hear the other songs off his new album!

That's all for this week. I'll see you guys again next week (or hopefully this weekend)!

Take care!

xo, Jo 

Mar 7, 2013

Trending Now! (#TT104)

Hey lovelies!

Just want to post a quick post for this week's TT. I know it's not Tuesday anymore, but I just can't skip the TT this week because I want to share my music picks for this week so bad! I'm super busy with work this week, even I'm blogging in office right now lol. I'm done with my work though, so why not steal a little bit of time for some blogging :p

Here we go!

Love this song! The video is rather cute :D Poor suitcase!

CRJ always gets the cutest guys! Haha. Not the best song of hers but I guess it's still catchy :)

One year ago Demi also came up with a song related to "heart". After a heartbreak she gives us a heart attack! Lol. This song reminds me of another song.. hmm.. is it Rocketeer by Far East Movement? Let me know if it reminds you of another song as well!

Alright, gotta go now.

Till next time folks!

Have a great weekend :)

xo, Jo