Sep 2, 2009

you and me.

It started out from that room, that table.
The wooden table that united two young children.
Outside the room there was a tall fruit tree.
It was watching them till the very end,
of how their cupids never met each other in the middle.

We were both very young.
We shared our naive thoughts and joys.
Life felt blissful back then.
I didn't realize that and neither did you.
That was you and me.

The sun was setting.
I was still doing some chores,
and you were waiting outside the room.
I leaned against the wall, you put your hand beside my ear.
That was you and me.

A day of every week.
I would play the organ at the hall,
and you with your racket.
When our eyes matched, our cheeks would turn red.
That was you and me.

It was a Friday night,
when I got my first phone-call from a boy.
You ran out of topics, I didn't know how to start.
We said byes and I fell asleep smiling.
That was you and me.

The first year was over.
Your name and mine were at the same board once again.
I overheard your friends talking about me.
I kept myself quiet and realized that spark for the first time.

But yours,
Yours was no longer there.

This friend was attractive,
way more attractive than me.
We were sitting together at the back.
When you turned around your eyes were at hers.
I started not being myself,
in order to get your attention.

Time flew quickly.
She and I were close friends.
You and her were seeing each other.
When she started talking about her prince,
the world seemed crashing down.
I told nobody but my diary.
One day daddy read it.
There was a smirk on his face,
thinking that it was so cute,
without knowing that I teared every night.

Young people, narrow-mindedness.
There was a hatred grown inside me against you.
We were parted and it was the best thing ever.
That was you and me,
and her.

Friends dragged me for a visit twice.
Twice I saw you, twice you pretended not to see me,
thousand times I prayed not to see you again.
I started being a guy-hater.
That was you and me,
and our past.

Years passed by.
I moved on with my life.
You with yours.

Finally we are met again.
Time did heal everything.
Neither a spark nor a hatred I've got against you now.
You have someone to love and to be loved.
And thank God I have mine too.

Let's leave the past as beautiful memories.
Our story had ended before you realized it.
Our book will no longer open for a new chapter.
Our cupids will never meet in the middle.
And there's no more you and me.

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