Oct 30, 2013

YouTube Queens (#TT129)

Hello lovelies!

So excited to share this lovely original song by the two singer/song-writer queens from YouTube, Kina Grannis and Marie Digby. Both are extremely talented and beautiful. I have to say they’re probably the pioneers for YouTube female artists who’s gone viral. I’ve actually met Marie in one of her concerts in Singapore back in 2009!

Who do you watch on YouTube?

xo, Jo

Oct 26, 2013

SheInside Floral Gradient Shirt

White Long Sleeve Floral Chiffon Blouse

I had been wanting to get this shirt so bad! I saw it being sold in various online shops and I decided to buy it from SheInside this time considering the price and reviews from their members, which makes it my first purchase from the shop!

The material is very sheer and lightweight, but quite structured on the collar, which I like. I love love the design and the fact that the sleeves have button straps to secure when you roll up your sleeves make it even more practical during the hotter days.

I also like the stud button at the collar, which is kind of a surprise to me. One flaw that I find is that there is a tiny misprint on one of the sleeves’ end that is supposed to be clean white. It kind of looks like a pink stain but I know it’s just a misprint from the design. It’s not that obvious so it’s all good.

I reckon that it’s originally a Bershka design from their 2013 Spring collection, but seems like I failed to see it in the store. Thus, I can’t really compare it to the original piece. It looks exactly the same though (see picture below).

Have you bought anything from SheInside before?

xo, Jo

Oct 22, 2013

Ya no queda nada (#TT128)

One of the things that I find fascinating in life is when your favorite singer/band creates a song that truly describes your current situation. You can save your time and feelings explaining everything.

It hurts to lose you
But even more to lose myself
And I realize that nothing,
That nothing, that nothing is forever
Loving each other like madmen
Feeling heaven and touching the bottom today
We lost everything
We became dust
What is left now?
There is nothing left
Now there's nothing left
The last kiss was lacking
And the courage to say goodbye
Today I realize that nothing,
That nothing, that nothing is forever
Loving each other like madmen
Feeling heaven and touching the bottom today
We lost everything
We became dust
What is left now?
There is nothing left
Now there's nothing left
To return to yesterday
And have you again
It was a fleeting
Without thinking, we got carried away
I know that you won't return
Loving each other like madmen
Feeling heaven and touching the bottom today
We lost everything
We became dust
What is left now?
There is nothing left
Now there's nothing left

xo, Jo

Oct 15, 2013

New playlist songs (#TT127)

Hello lovelies!

Here are some of the hot songs that I've been listening to recently. Hope you enjoy!

Finally a song from the rocker couple! It is very Nickleback-ish and my first impression was that it's a little dull as I can see Chad is playing safe with the song. HOWEVER, this song brings back somewhat the "old" style of Avril. Not to mention that Chad's voice is amazing and the entire video is full of emotions which just makes it even better. 

Ok this is not a new song under my playlist. I just wanna share the video. Eminem-sama! *bows down*. Do I even need to say anything else? :p

Love this MV! It's like Cinderella :D 

Cassadee Pope proves that not only she can sing rock but country songs as well! I still prefer her sing pop-rock though, perhaps because that's what me and most people have been used to. Her songwriting style is still pretty much consistent nonetheless. I still can imagine how her country songs can turn into pop-rock just with different play style on the guitar. Check her Wasting All These Tears here.

I like the beat of this song, not very much of a club song, eh? Unless they make a remix out of it. It's a double-edged sword ;)

Is it just me or does the vocal look A LOT like a younger version of Harry Styles? And this band overall is like 1D that plays musical instruments. It's always a plus point for me :)

And last, but not least..
My first impression: This is a LYRIC video? It's almost like an official vid and it's like a movie trailer with all the legit actors. I guess we just need to wait for the official MV for Gaga to surprise us once again. Music wise, umm I'm not sure. I'm confused. Haha

Which song(s) do you like best?

xo, Jo

Oct 13, 2013

Grateful Things of The Day #7

Oops.. My initial plan to post this every single day has failed haha. So I guess I'll just do it every now and then whenever I remember to do one ;)

Today, or lately, I've been grateful for:

1. The ability to keep smiling despite the difficult times

2. My friends

3. The opportunity to go for a casting for short films

4. The new people that I've met this week

5. My faith

6. The will to move on

What are you grateful for today?

xo, Jo

Oct 8, 2013

Never let go of me (#TT126)

Heyo, never let go of me
Hold tight it's gonna get hard to breathe I will never let you drown Even if we're going down 
Heyo, never let go of me When I'm sinkin'

Loose lips sink ships that's what someone told me
But this boat will stay afloat for as long as you hold me
We been through rough water anytime it was tougher
But the fact I came back to remind you I love ya
And if that's not enough, well I can one up ya
I pinky promise touch thumbs I'll never make you suffer
And all I ask in return is some reciprocation
I'll be your oxygen when you're running out of patience
So take a deep breath, and hold it tight
My heart is yours just reassure me that you'll hold it right
Don't be offended, I'm just the cautious type
To always be around and hold you down and never under, like

This is my message in a bottle, I hope that you receive it
If it washes up at your feet then open it and read it
To whom it may concern, insert your name here
It's destiny that we were both born in the same year
Three months apart, but on the same sphere
Staring at the sun, inhaling the same air
This type of love we got, they'll never get it
I'll be the Leo DiCaprio to your Kate Winslet
Sometimes I panic but I never take it for granted
I'll hold you 'til my lips turn blue like Jack in Titanic
And if I lose my grip, then just promise me this
You'll keep my love in a locket and always rock it, like

There's times where like, we find it hard to hold on to something
That was never meant to be held onto
But you let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be
If not, just let it be

This song pretty much describes what I wanna say.

Check out another great song by 2AM Club:

xo, Jo

Oct 5, 2013

Grateful Things of The Day #6

1. A sweet video by Style Haul on YouTube.

2. Friends who texted me first to tell their problems or just to ask how I've been doing.

3. My family! They came today for my brother's graduation next Monday.

4. Good meals that I had today.

5. Ability to control my emotions.

What are you grateful for today?


Xo, Jo

Grateful Things of The Day #5

1. A tweet that made me go on Youtube to find JoJo's 2004 album playlist. Felt so nostalgic! I loved that album. I could see my 13 year old-self jamming beside my boombox in my room and memorizing the lyrics of each song. Good times.

2. Running to catch the train with my colleague AGAIN. It was kind of fun :)

3. 'Two of a Kind' series! Found the entire season on Youtube the other day and I've been watching it whenever I have time at home :) It was one of my favorite shows as a kid! I remember I tried to do my hair just like the Olsen twins on the show hehe.

What are you grateful for today?

Oh, surprisingly I didn't feel like it's a Friday and thus not so overly excited about it haha.


xo, Jo


Oct 3, 2013

Grateful Things of The Day #4

Today I'm grateful for:

1. Healthy dinner (yay!).

2. Good chat with my bffs.

3. Being reunited with someone special.

What are you grateful for today?

Xo, Jo

Grateful Things of The Day #3

Today I'm grateful for:

1. Great dinner and quality time with friends.

2. Increased paycheck last month!

3. Minor period pain and good health.

What are you grateful for today?

Xo, Jo

Oct 1, 2013

Grateful Things of The Day #2

There wasn't anything special happened today. However, I'm still grateful for:

1. The extra sleeping time before I got up this morning.

2. The good book that accompanied me during my travels

3. The fact that I wasn't really starving when I reached home with empty stomach.

Hope you had a great day today!

xo, Jo

One day.. (#TT125)

Hello lovelies!

Lately I’ve been surrounded things related to one of the most beautiful things in life. Yes, weddings.

The fact that some of my friends are getting married, or even bearing their first child inevitably make me think of how my future wedding will look like. But most importantly, who I’m going to marry with.

I know I’m not gonna get married anytime soon. I still have so many things that I want to accomplish in life as a single. When one of my goals is to be a mom, that’s when I feel that I’m mentally ready to tie the knot.

It’s kind of scary to think about it. Will I make the right choice? Will my partner and I be able to go through all the problems in marriage life together as a strong couple? All I can do now is just to have faith that I will someday be with a man of my dreams and live a happy life together forever.

A couple of my favorite Youtubers just posted their wedding videos and they’re beautiful.

The first one is what I call it as my dream wedding. From the beginning till the end, everything looks perfect.

But this one is the one that made me cry so hard. I want a love like this. Is it too much to ask?

Beautiful, weren’t they? I can watch it over and over again.

Normally wedding songs are not so much about catchy tunes, but Jason Derulo and Kelly Clarkson have changed that. Enjoy!

For those of you who are married and reading this post, I wish you all a blessed marriage life and I shall join you all one day :)

xo, Jo

Grateful Things of The Day #1

1. Able to help a stranger buying a train ticket.

2. Yoga teacher that reminded her students to list down 3 things that we feel grateful for everyday.

3. A text from a good old friend.

4. Went home early from work.

5. Package received today.

6. TheFineBros YouTube video that cracked me up.

7. Spare time and energy to read a book and play the Electone.

These are more like "good things of the day" so I might change it along the way. I will try to post daily before bed as this will help me to be more grateful in life :)

Hope I can be consistent with this as I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

Well, goodnight for now!

XO, Jo