Jun 29, 2012

Summer Jams (#TT86)

Just some recommendations to accompany you during the summer time :) enjoy!!!


I just want to say
I know I let you down, but I'm letting out
And I found a way that I can tell the truth, make it up to you.
I left home but there's one thing I still know
It's always summer in my heart and in my soul.


You've got skyrise buildings and a place to call your own
The downtown city life compliments your closet full of clothes
With your shades and your shoes and trendy to do's
You'll hit the sidewalks, the best stores and restaurants
Looking for something new.


what do you know? this house is falling apart
what can i say? this house is falling apart
we got no money, but we got heart
we're gonna rattle this ghost town
this house is falling apart


Tell me what you really want from me
Point blank, no discussion
Close mouth, Close mouth,
I'll give it to you, no interruption

Make sure to check out more stuff from Hoodie Allen coz he’s the man!! He’s officially my new favorite rap artist. Not only can he rap, he can SING. But my loyalty to Eminem will never change ;)

Hope you like these songs!

xo, Jo

Jun 25, 2012

A Letter to Future Me

Dear future Joanna,

1. On 11 June 2012, you started your very first job as a Forex coach. The company was very flexible and far from formal. People got to wear jeans and t-shirt to work. Your wish in wearing formal-yet-chic attire once you entered the workforce and perhaps starting a blog about it was not accomplished. You tried going to work with those outfits and you felt out of place.

2. You had to learn a lot of things from zero. People say “everyone needs to start from somewhere” but you still felt that you were so far behind from everyone else.

3. Remember that time when the Forex analyst asked you some Accounting-related questions and you couldn’t really answer them? Apparently what you have learned in college had turned out to be somewhat different from the real-life scenarios. But after a while, you let go your guilt since “imagine-you-were-an-Accountant-in-a-central-bank” questions were just too advanced for a fresh grad.

4. I don’t know whether you’re still experiencing this in the future (I hope not), but you felt so sleep-deprived. Maybe you had not get used to it yet. To keep your eyes open around 5pm in the office was harder than staying focused in a boring class.

5. People were nice there though. I think I might consider myself lucky because to some people this was their kind of workplace to settle in.

6. Although you still had more things to study than to work on (3 month-probation, remember?), you were expecting your very first salary like a parent expecting a child (right, Jo? Don’t lie! Lol).

xo, Jo

Jun 20, 2012

Current Hits (#TT85)

Hello peeps!

Sorry I missed last week’s TT, it’s because I’ve started working! Will go more into that this weekend when I have another post ;)

As for now, here I give you a list of new songs that you may enjoy ;)

Do check out other songs by Hey Monday’s Cassadee Pope for her new EP!

See ya!

xo, Jo

Jun 5, 2012

Rockin’ the short waves (#TT84)

Hello lovelies!

Just last Friday, Cher Lloyd released the US version official video of “Want U Back”, click here to view. But I personally like the original version better :) Plus, I really like her shorter hair in the original video!

I also love her style and attitude. Although she’s tiny, the fact that she’s only 18 still gave me a good surprise.

Few months ago, two of Pretty Little Liars stars also chopped their hair to shoulder-length and I guess I really REALLY like this hair style!

Ashley Benson 

Lucy Hale 

I actually wore this hair style back in 2009 when I saw a Japanese model wearing it and I straightaway knew that I wanted it! So I chopped my hair and got it permed. For the first few months it was alright, but since my hair is naturally super straight, fine and silky, it went back to straight really fast so I gotta put lots and lots of hair jelly/wax and hairspray. I needed to do this on a regular basis for over a year, until I gave up and just stopped applying hair products letting it back to straight :/ I miss it!! But my hair is so thin, limp and volume-less. Although if I get it curled, it won’t look as nice as Cher’s or Ashley’s or Lucy’s or anybody else who are granted with lots of hair. Plus, my hair gets tangled like craaaaazyyyyyy. Sigh.

End of my hair rant. Haha.

Despite all that, I still love my hair coz it’s soft and never get frizzy :) be grateful of what you have that others don’t, right? Hehe.

xo, Jo