Apr 17, 2009

To: You =)

I know this life is hard,
without anyone beside you when you need one.
I know it sucks,
when people don't behave in a way that you expect.
I know it's saddening,
when there is no way out but to cry.

Nevertheless, you have to keep this always in your mind.
I am your best friend and nothing's gonna changed.
When you feel like nobody cares about you, remember there's a person far away there who always cares about you.
Don't let others put you down, cause you deserve so much better than that.
Distance may separate us, but our friendship will never lose.

You're not alone.

Cindy, smile :)


jk said...

i dunno what happened but put on a smile cindy :) rainbow shows after every stormy rain

Bonnieee.. said...

thanks joanna...thanks a lot.
u're my bestfriend, forever..
i love ya..
both of u, you and olip..
all my bff, inge, cecil..
i will always remember everything we've done n also for our precious friendship..and think of you all whenever i fall..it's help so far..
jeff ler, hey, thank u 4 ur compliment..

.:JoaNNa:. said...

ahaha bonniee~~lol. did it make you cry? =p love ya too darling ^^