May 2, 2009


I don't think about this normally, but somehow I feel like writing about it right now.
I don't wanna know how I will die. It's scary if you think about it, but I'm not scared of death, because I will see my Jesus and have an eternal life =)

However I wanna know some things at the end of my life which as follow:
- How many people got happiness from me
- How many people got hurt by me
- How much changes in the world that I have made
- How many people will grieve of my departure
- How my friends would be doing as I'm going off
- Will there be any parties feel happy when I'm gone

Sometimes when it gets too hard, I feel like living in another world.


Yee said...

hey. i also felt like that before. LOL! i had a scary feeling to die. and wondered how my "death" will affect ppl around me. LOL.

.:JoaNNa:. said...

hey! yeah right? haha but dont think too much about that. we should live to the fullest! ;)