Apr 22, 2011

Final Year + The Script + Easter Week

Hey guys!

Sorry for being away for a while. I started a new term last week and I’ve already got a long list to do. I’m so tired yet need to work harder to achieve my goals for this final year in college. Final year! Whaaaaattttt!?

On the same week I also went to The Script concert, which was awesomeeee! It was an outdoor event and thanks to the cooperative Singapore weather, it was raining! But of course the rain didn’t stop the fun!

Picture time!


P4113539 P4113545 P4113556  I swear that the guitarist waved at me! Coz I was waving at him so hard hahaha. And we had a 3sec-eye contact! :P

P4113572 P4113578

P4113583 P4113584 At the end of the show one of the guys took a pic of the crowd and tweeted it. Too bad that I stood at the very right corner so my sweaty face couldn’t get in the picture :/ But I’m sure you don’t wanna see it either, right? Haaa…275469751

P.S Background: National Museum. Interesting venue huh?

Guesssss whaaat! Next monday there will be another concert that I’ll be going for. Whooooo! Gonna post about it next Tuesday! :)

So, any plans for the Easter weekend?

I guess mine would just be a normal weekend, I’m not sure though, but I can’t really go anywhere at the moment coz I’ve been sick. It initially started on the second week of my term break and it has come and gone ever since. Last Tuesday it struck me again..my body immune sucks! :(

Anywaysss, have a great weekend and stay healthy! Oh, and thanks for sticking around! :D

Happy Easter!

xo, Jo


btd. said...

Happy Easter to you too! I'll be at church for almost all of the weekend! :) Looks like a cool concert, I've never been to one in my life, lol. I also hope you get better soon! :)

Hercy said...

Ah so lucky! *O* I was so busy the day they held their concert -__- I'm so unfortunate, lol. Anyway, for Easter, we will have our family reunion, yay!

Get well soon!! And thanks for the follow, I followed back! :) Have a great day! ^^

MissKatv said...

same here, family reunion for eastern as always :D

thanks for sharing!
Oh BTW, new follower here. :)
Happy Easter!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm glad you had fun at the concert! How cool the guitarist waved at you! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Mine was fun. I saw Water for Elephants with my family and then ate way too much food. Lol.