Jun 29, 2012

Summer Jams (#TT86)

Just some recommendations to accompany you during the summer time :) enjoy!!!


I just want to say
I know I let you down, but I'm letting out
And I found a way that I can tell the truth, make it up to you.
I left home but there's one thing I still know
It's always summer in my heart and in my soul.


You've got skyrise buildings and a place to call your own
The downtown city life compliments your closet full of clothes
With your shades and your shoes and trendy to do's
You'll hit the sidewalks, the best stores and restaurants
Looking for something new.


what do you know? this house is falling apart
what can i say? this house is falling apart
we got no money, but we got heart
we're gonna rattle this ghost town
this house is falling apart


Tell me what you really want from me
Point blank, no discussion
Close mouth, Close mouth,
I'll give it to you, no interruption

Make sure to check out more stuff from Hoodie Allen coz he’s the man!! He’s officially my new favorite rap artist. Not only can he rap, he can SING. But my loyalty to Eminem will never change ;)

Hope you like these songs!

xo, Jo


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great recommendations! Summer really isn't complete without music to dance to and sing along with. ;]

P.S. Thanks for checking out my Senna review. I think you should give dark lipstick a try anyways!

Lots of love, B
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Carrie said...

thank you for these recommendations! i'm more of an acoustic and hiphop kinda girl so i really like the 2nd and last one. :D

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Ribka said...

thanks for the recommendations :)
ah I really like Yellowcard >_< I've heard Always Summer before and it's quite good ^^