Dec 11, 2012

Counting days to Christmas! (#TT95)

It’s officially 2 weeks till Christmas!!! Who’s excited?!! I know I am! :D

Since Christmas is just around the corner, why don’t we set the mood by listening to some Christmas songs? I’m gonna share with you some of my favorites from my Christmas playlist :)

This is the latest addition to my Christmas playlist! I would say that this is the best song by Shane thus far! And probably the most “serious” one as well haha. Plus the video is damn good! It’s almost like a movie :) 5 out of 5 for a non-professional singer like him!

Pop version of “Los Peces En El Rio” by the amazing RBD!

I learned this song together with Campana Sobre Campana from my Spanish class! My class actually performed this song at last year’s Christmas party. We were the best! Haha. I’m invited to the Christmas party again this year, which is happening this week, but considering that I’m no longer studying there and separated from my classmates I’m not sure whether I should go or not :/ I mean, with whom should I be caroling with? Lol.

Another pop Christmas song :)

I like the Spanish version better compared to the English one, I guess.. Or maybe because it’s Belinda? :P

The famous Youtuber twins made this beautiful cover last year. Love it! Hope they’re gonna make another Christmas cover for this year soon!

This is probably one of the most exciting collaborations ever! Love how their voices sound together :3

I’m gonna keep posting Christmas songs till the actual Christmas day! On the 25th, it will be list of my favorite Christmas songs of ALL-TIME! So stay tuned! (Hope I can get access to Internet by then though, coz I will be travelling yo!)

Have a great week!!

xo, Jo

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Carrie said...

ohmygosh, i love janice and sonia. i watch them all the time!!!