Mar 7, 2013

Trending Now! (#TT104)

Hey lovelies!

Just want to post a quick post for this week's TT. I know it's not Tuesday anymore, but I just can't skip the TT this week because I want to share my music picks for this week so bad! I'm super busy with work this week, even I'm blogging in office right now lol. I'm done with my work though, so why not steal a little bit of time for some blogging :p

Here we go!

Love this song! The video is rather cute :D Poor suitcase!

CRJ always gets the cutest guys! Haha. Not the best song of hers but I guess it's still catchy :)

One year ago Demi also came up with a song related to "heart". After a heartbreak she gives us a heart attack! Lol. This song reminds me of another song.. hmm.. is it Rocketeer by Far East Movement? Let me know if it reminds you of another song as well!

Alright, gotta go now.

Till next time folks!

Have a great weekend :)

xo, Jo

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Inge Lakawa said...

i will listen to them <3

visit my blog ^^