Sep 29, 2013

ASOS Haul + First Impressions

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Hello lovelies!

Finally a haul post! It’s been waaay long overdue. Hope you enjoy!

This was my first batch of purchase ever from ASOS, after hearing so much about it from a British fashion Youtuber, FashionRocksMySocks. When I lightly browsed the site for the first time, I got hooked and in a blink of an eye I added tons of items on the wishlist!

Now that I look back, I think I was pretty crazy on the impulse buying. I spent over SGD200, which very rarely happens!! Because it was over SGD175, I was entitled for a free express shipping. I felt good at that time but now it’s like meh it’s just about a week difference. My money… Was it all worth it? You’ll see.


IMG_0455 editASOS Sleeveless Smock Dress - Spice, UK 6

I’ve always wanted to own more dresses, but since I’m more of a top-bottom kind of person, I’m rather picky on my dress options. When I browsed on ASOS dresses, smock dresses are everywhere, they’re sort of replacing the skater dress popularity.

IMG_0508 edit33
ASOS Smock Dress With Short Sleeves – Navy, UK 6

I’ve decided to go with the simple ones first. So I picked these two plain casual smock dresses, which were pretty affordable. I wanted to choose grey color for the sleeveless one as shown on the model but somehow it was not in the options, hmm.. They turned out to be really comfy, the material is good and the length is just above my knees. Casual modest dresses on the go!

IMG_0460 editASOS Skater Dress in Vintage Floral with Tie Back, UK 6

Then I picked another dress that is more dressy and I had been wanting a floral dress for a really long time. Plus, it was on huge sale! I think it still is right now, you can click the link above.

IMG_0461 edit

The length is perfect for me. It’s just slightly shorter than the smock dresses. The material is a little coarse but it’s pretty thick for chiffon. There’s also another layer of fabric from the waist line till below. Also, I LOVE the details at the back. It’s perfect for those who don’t wanna show too much skin. At the front it looks really modest but there’s a surprise at the back ;) I wore this for my birthday dinner and will be wearing it again for my brother’s graduation!


IMG_0403 edit3
ASOS Ears Boyfriend Watch

Finally I own a gold boyfriend watch! Even better, it’s got ears! Haha. The strap is kind of light, which kind of gives the impression of a “cheap watch”, but the overall look is still great to me! I think it’s pretty well-made for SGD54.80. I needed to remove about 3cm of the strap because it was too long. I wore it for a random photoshoot last month.

IMG_0409 editASOS Rope Chain Hand Harness

This chain hand harness is also too long and I have yet to adjust the length. Wish they had sizes for this!

IMG_0412 editASOS Mixed Finger Tip Ring Pack

I love stack rings! Simple yet so cute. Probably will get more of these from various places :x

IMG_0484 editASOS Grecian Leaf Hairband

Isn’t this pretty? Well, perhaps less pretty on my head, but I think it looks great on dark hair! There’s a stretchy band to wear at the back so it’s not loose at all.


IMG_0421 editKorres Exfoliating Body Scrubs 150ml
Korres Rice Proteins & Linden Shampoo for Fine Hair 250ml

I’ve always wanted to try Korres! So I was really excited when I saw several Korres products being sold in ASOS for a cheaper price compared to Singapore retail price! I’ve tried the scrub and it was GOOD! I use it on my back since somehow I get a little back acne these days. I can feel that the bumps got smaller and eventually got rid off after using this! I have yet to try the shampoo. Will update it as soon as I try it! :)


I’m satisfied of ALL of my purchases and I think I’m a big ASOS fan now. I will definitely repurchase their clothes (only at reduced price though!) and Korres or other beauty products that are cheaper online, but I’m not sure whether I will repurchase the accessories, except for watches.

It’s because I don’t know whether they’re really worth it? I feel that I can get rings, bracelets, or headband else where that offer better deals, e.g. Forever 21 and H&M. Also, they normally don’t have sales on the accessories, they focus more on the clothing department. It’s just for this case, I didn’t have time to go physical shopping so I chose whatever most convenient haha.

Have you ever shopped in ASOS before? Do share your experience! :)

xo, Jo


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The hairband looks really gorgeous on you.

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