May 26, 2014

Kunshan/Shanghai Trip - Chinese Wedding


One of my closest friends in Uni has finally tied the knot! The wedding took place on May 18th at her hometown, Kunshan, China. I got to be one of the bridesmaids with other 2 girls, whom one of them is my Uni mate as well, so we flew to Shanghai over the weekend. There were lots of food, drinks, driving, and zero beauty sleep. Let the photos do the talking!

Trying out which dishes to be served on the actual wedding dayIMG_5187IMG_5376

Mini bachelorette room partyIMG_5192

Bensu Private Pickled Fish Hotpot (‘private’ here refers to their home recipe lol)IMG_5201

Chinese massage on the night before the wedding (the bride really pampered us)IMG_5213

But after that we got hungry and dropped by KFC for supper at 00:00 hrs (sorry not sorry)IMG_5218

The wedding day!

The beautiful bride :)

Groom came to bride’s house to pick her up and invite her to their new homeIMG_5221IMG_5231IMG_1106

Me at the wedding reception hall during rehearsal! :PIMG_5361IMG_5364

The wedding ceremony

Next day: BBQ lunch before heading back to ShanghaiIMG_1137

The newlywed with our wedding card!

Fried Xia Long Bao!

Night-out before going back to Singapore the next day :/IMG_5339

Last meal in Shanghai:
Traditional Xia Long Bao


Dumplings, rice siew mai, fried pork chop with fried rice cakeIMG_5281

Warm beancurd with soy sauce, chilli oil and salty condiments IMG_5285

Pork noodles

Avril Lavigne lemon tea! Haha

Best liquor in China!!!! The aroma is like chocolate to me ;)IMG_5288

Many people seem to be tying the knot these days. It’s wedding season! Congrats to all the newlyweds!

xo, Jo

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trishie said...

What a beautiful bride your friend made! And you look very pretty too. So nice to attend a friend's wedding, and I'm so jealous of that feast!