Dec 29, 2009

Christmas recap

So I went to a hill (that they called it mountain) on Christmas night. They had this tall artificial christmas tree with full of lights that looked like diamonds!

They had this 'snow' flakes which happened to be suds LOL. Well, at least they tried to fake it for people who live in two-season countries, like here. My mom posed in some pictures as if she was really freezing haha.

I was wearing a striped tee, white cardi, straight-cut jeans, cream sneakers, gold chain necklace, and a gold bangle (can't really see here)

Too bad that my brother got sick so he couldn't join us :/ but i guess he pretty enjoyed watching TV in the hotel room :P

I didn't really have something that I wanted for Christmas, I was happy enough to spend time with my family, but I've got some clothes and...... cash! Yeah! :P
Actually my dad felt kinda weird by giving me cash only, he kept asking me what i wanted to buy, but i would take a lot of their time accompanying me to shop so,,, i guess i'll just go later :)

How was your christmas?? Hope all of you got what you wanted!

3 days till New Year!


Style Bird said...

Great outfit..I love the photos! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Nina said...

You look ready for anything!

Cash is better ... you can get what you like, yey!

Froso said...

Great outfit, the weather seems a bit cold though! Thanks for your comment, Christmas was good for me, now I'm searching what to wear at New Year's Eve. Kisses honey, I hope you'll have a great time!

Lilee said...

love the pics, happy new year!

The Freakum Dress said...

This outfit is really really cute !
I wish u a happy new year