Jan 1, 2010

It's 2010!

On the New Year's Eve, me and my friend went to a concert party featuring Hoobastank! It was freakin awesome! (minus the waiting time) :D

They performed my favorite songs like 'Inside of You' and 'So Close, So Far' :) and of course everyone's favorite, 'The Reason' which was performed after the countdown! The balloons were released and there were lots of small sparkling papers pouring, plus the fire! Yes it was hot! Literally! :P
See here for more concert pics!

Wearing F21 purple tank, black cardigan and plaid scarf from Indonesia, Cotton On short distressed denim, black sneakers (below, left side) and Pierre Cardin leather backpack.

Tired legs!

I was so tired and it was difficult to go home since all the cabs were full! I ended up walking from one of the train stations -.- and I found that little pink paper stuck inside my shoes haha :P
What an epic way to end the year!
2009 taught me a lot of things in life. There were countless of ups and downs which gave me a lot of experiences. Joys and misery were best friends that filled my days throughout the year.
Hope things will be better in 2010! I'm ready for the new challenges! ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

All the best to all of you!

Btw, how did you spend your New Year's Eve? :)


Claire St Juin said...

Hey thanks heaps for the comment, I Iurrrrve getting comments like you wouldn't believe!

Last year, this exact time, I was living in Singapore. I believe you when you said it was hot!!! haha!

Krimly said...

lovely blog!!