Jun 24, 2010

Being Heard

WARNING: This post might be cheesy and overreacting to some of you.

A miracle happened yesterday.
Something that I almost gave in,
but never stopped praying for.

A best friend found me on Facebook.
I never really loved that site till yesterday.
It's been 3 years.
No calls,
no messages,
no emails,
no letters,
I don't know what she's up to,
how her new life is like,
or how her new friends treat her.
North Korea.
That should explain the reason.
She appeared in my dreams few times,
and I always found myself crying in the morning.

Last night was probably the best night I had in a year.
I can't explain how the feeling was when I saw her name on my laptop screen.
Hadn't seen that name for a while.
A name that brought so many memories to my life.
I'm glad she still remembers me.
Though I didn't ask so much from Him up there.
I've always asked for health and safety,
and everything that is best for her.
But you see, He loves me so much.
He loves everyone.
And that's how He shows his love.

So I was just sitting here,
sobbing for the miracle that happened.
And someone was there hearing my tears throughout the night.

Now, when I think about her,
I don't feel sad anymore.
When I look back at our old pictures,
I smile.
I realized that nothing is impossible.
I'm happy.
I'm thankful.
I'm blessed.

xo, Jo


B a la Moda said...

It is not cheesy. It is real!! I am very happy for you!

B* a la Moda

Charleston said...

very sweet x


Marta Castellanos said...

I feel so happy about this! It´s beautiful that you shared it with us too. xoxo


Anonymous said...

I think I can just feel this :you never left her heart either. You should always remember she loves you too. She is one lucky girl to have a friend like you, remembering her all these years. It was a beautiful post. I guess god led me to your blog today. Goodluck to your friendship with your friend.