Jul 28, 2010

Mournful Tuesday

Im blogging from my phone now.
Sorry that this Tuesday is not so tuneful.
This is because my grandpa just passed away this morning.
It was a shocking news indeed. I thought that i could say some last few words but God called him early.
I reached my hometown today since my exams were over yewterday but too bad that it was all too late.
I wish that me and him had a special memorable song so i could've posted it here.
May your soul rest in piece, kong,, im gonna miss you.
Hope you're reading this from the beautiful place up there.
I love you.

Xo, Jo


Leia Bee said...

I'm really sorry for your loss hun xoxo

P Yee said...

i am really sorry to hear that. =S may he rests in peace!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. you'll be in my thoughts.

Anita said...

Aww, I'm so very sorry about your Grandpa, you must miss him so much. I lost my only surviving grandparent when I was seven so sometimes, the memories feel like dreams and as time goes by, they lose their clarity. Be grateful that you had him alive well into your teens, it's a real blessing.

I pray you get through this

B a la Moda said...

Joanna, I am very sorry about this news. Hopefully your grandpa will be in a better place now and taking care of you. All my best,

B* a la Moda

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am so sorry about your grandfather. :(

He was lucky to have such a sweet granddaughter like you in his life.

Lots of hugs! Your family is in my thoughts. xoxo

Elaine said...

Oh, Joanna.... I'm so sorry about your grandfather. This is a great loss indeed. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey.. I'm so sorry to hear this.. You will be in my prayers .