Aug 2, 2010

A cupcake for you :)

thankyoucupcakeI have nothing much to say but letting you know that I'm so happy and thankful for your comments on the last post regarding my loss. They meant a lot to me and cheered me up ;)  These past few days have been rough for me and my whole big family, but we know that my grandpa only left this temporary life and is in a better place now for eternal life. All of us will meet him again someday. Surprisingly this incident somehow bonds the big family better than before and I’m glad for that.

All of you are so amazing, even more amazing than my "friends". I want to give a big teddy bear hug and give an award to whoever invented the blog world.

Anyways, it’s been a while since I posted my last outfit post so why not picking up where I left? ;)


Sorry for the “sleepy” look though I wasn't that sleepy haha. I got the skirt and necklace when I was in middle school! It’s quite long for me and I look short in it but whatever I still like it :P


Tanks: F21, skirt: random, accessories: vintage, sandals: Mitju

Oh, yesterday I finally got a pair of shoes from Zara for my cousin’s wedding. Actually mom chose them for me cause she always thinks that the ones I like are “too dangerous” to be worn lol.


Again, thank you so much for being there. I love you all!

xo, Jo


Ash Fox said...

so sorry to hear about your grandfather. all the best to you and your family.

you look lovely here! keep up the fabulous blogging!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww thanks for the beautiful cupcake!! :)

Yay for being bloggy friends! I agree, whoever created blogs deserves a huge award! Hehe.

I adore your outfit. Purple looks gorgeous on you. I'm also in love with both pairs of sandals! You have such classy and adorable style!

Breee said...

hi! I'm so sorry for your loss. You are right though. He is now in heaven watching over you guys!

I am sending you a big bear hug! MwaH!!!

cute shoes!

btw I gave you an award so check it out!