Sep 18, 2010

The little things she likes.

When I saw this skirt on the sale rack in a department store I knew I had to get it! Love the color ;) Oh, do you like the chain belt? I do. Last holiday my mom opened her vintage accessories box and I straightaway grabbed this gorgeous chain belt. Real vintage from the 80’s!floralskirt

Bambi earrings from Forever 21 for around 4bucks (Singapore Dollars), super cute and cheap!

f21earrings1 f21earrings2

Last week I finally sewed the bead on this top that fell apart and left abandoned for probably more than a month lol.1


Flower ring from New Look. LOVE.3

Last week’s hairstyle : flat, boring, and that annoying fringe kept poking my eyes.4

Current hairstyle: volumised + HIGHLIGHTED! :D5

Have a great weekend everyone! ;)

xo, Jo


ANGELINA said...

this ring is amazing! I love it!!

.♥ said...

nice items!

Elaine said...

The skirt is so cute!

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Froso said...

I love those changes in your blog sweetheart, it looks much more like you, fresh and colorful!