Sep 14, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #15

Hey Monday’s new album!!


Got this last Saturday and been listening non-stop! I like! :P

Their first single “I don’t wanna dance”. Cassadee looks really pretty!


I was kinda surprised finding out that there are only 6 songs in the album (well it’s cheaper too) since normally bands and other singers would have 11-13 songs, but these 6 songs are greatttttt ;)

This song has gotta be my favorite in the album. I found that the band goes more like “pop” style in this album, they almost lose the rock vibes in it yet I still love it!

Did you have a good weekend?

I did! ;) tell you guys in the next post!

Have a great week ahead!

xo, Jo

1 comment:

NBeteck said...

first and foremost, let me just say that hey monday is AMAZING. I have a thing about lead singers, and her voice is very angelic. =]