Jan 11, 2011

A good start (TT #29)

2011 started off well for me and it feels great! I’m back in Singapore now and you know what that means.. Busy woman is back on track! I need to finish all the college work by the end of this month before going back to Jakarta again for Chinese New Year. Wish me luck! ;)

Here I give you some TylerWard-ness this week!

I have a few announcements to make.. First, I PASSED THE GRADE 5 FUNDAMENTAL MUSIC EXAM!!! Can’t believe it! This officially made my 2010 resolutions accomplished! Thank You, Lord!!

Second, Diego finally saw my video playing his song (after not expecting so much that he would see it) and he tweeted about it twice and made me jump in the air by saying “next time we’ll play it together”. Oooolalaaaaaa :D

Third, today is my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday Daddy!! I love you and I’m so grateful to have you as my dad! :) (btw, any suggestions for what kind of present I should give? I’m quite confused!)

I’ve got some presents from my bffs last week and I love them ;)02012011523m

My very-late-but-it’s-ok birthday present from darling Cindy. I love the birthday photo card a lot!02012011525m

And this is a little gift from sista Olivia from Europe. Like it! I envy her!05012011545m

Me and sis are super qualified, you guys better watch out! :P 05012011542m 

I’ll see them again next month! Can’t wait!

Have a great week!, folks! ;)

xo, Jo


btd. said...

Congrats on passing the Grade 5 Fundamental Music Exam! Lol. I would give you a suggestion on what to get your father for his birthday (Happy Birthday to him) but I'm terrible on giving presents to guys. xD Your friends gave you such amazing, cute gifts too! ^_^

Ramsey said...

Cutie gifts...Love that mug...for sure!

Fashion Court said...

congrats on passing! what cute gifts

maduixetes surprise said...

lovely photos!http://maduixetessurprise.blogspot.com/

Candace Stevenson said...

holy smokes I am in love with those photos fyi haha


jess said...

congrats with passing your grade 5 music exam! you have a lovely blog and i love this song!! <3