Mar 2, 2011

My wings on the wheel (TT#35)

Does anyone remember this movie???

I used to watch it ALL THE TIME and this part was definitely my favorite!

I remembered imitating Thumbelina when she touches the water in this scene. You know how I did it? I used the office chair, laid my body on it, pushed my body by kicking against the floor and let myself “FLY” and touched the shiny floor as if it was a river LOL. Pure brilliant imagination. Miss it.

And the funniest part was when my elder brother actually followed me! HAHAHA! He didn’t do the river-touching part though. Luckily.

So this is why the tiles in the family room are in a poor condition. My parents were once mad at me and my brother but I think they have accepted the bitter fact and let the tiles unchanged for years. I call them vintage :)

Any childhood movies you want to share?? I know a lot! :D

xo, Jo


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww I used to love Thumbelina too! One of my favorite animated films is Ferngully. I wanted to be a fairy so badly after seeing that film as a child! ;)

Angelina said...

this is so cute. I think all of us wanted to be fairies... right?? :)