Feb 26, 2011

Just need to keep on keeping on


Hi blog, it’s been a while. Sorry for the lack of updates, I was really really busy with college work and only now I have the time to blog.

Well, I have to say that this week was one of those killer hectic weeks, but I went through it anyways. I think my assignment was done pretty well and my presentation wasn’t bad at all. I was happy, there was this huge cheesy grin on my face as a sign of success and relief on last Thursday. Nevertheless Mr. Friday took it all away.

One of my exam results from last term turned out to be far from what I expected and practically that particular subject equals to 2 subjects which means that this mark will decrease my overall university score like GPA kinda thing.

So last night I was down and I didn’t feel like telling anyone.

I just felt that this is unfair since I have worked my butt off and yet received a lower mark than those who didn’t even make an effort to care.

I know I’m far from smart, I’m slow in learning things, I’ve known that all the time. That’s why I try to work harder so that I could at least avoid the place at the bottom. I’m not doing it for anyone, it’s for myself, and I know I have given my best. But sometimes things just don’t go as planned, do they?

My 2 girlfriends tried to console me and I was glad they were around. I didn’t expect them to do so though, since my bestfriend doesn’t care about me anymore I stopped expecting a lot from others.

I like the little things that people do in times when I least expect them.

I couldn’t believe myself that last night I forgot about music. It was the first thing that could heal me. So just now I made a playlist of the songs that could back me up during shitty times and I found those old school stuff like Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne’s first album.

I took a lot from Simple Plan because their songs just perfectly reflect my middle school life, which is pretty similar as what I’m going through at the moment. I don’t listen to them as much as before anymore and yet somehow I still remembered all the lyrics and it felt so good singing them.

In addition, I looked back through some funny pics that I took with my friends. Just by looking at them made me giggle uncontrollably.









And I don’t want to worry too much of how these people will be like in the future because the most important thing is these moments happened and I was there enjoying them.

So I guess the morale of this post will be:

-If God hasn’t fulfilled your wish, it means that He has better plans for you.

-If you go in with high expectations, you’re setting yourself up for disappointments.

-The little things in life are the ones that count. So let go the past since it's gone and live at the present and make it beautiful. Live like we’re dying baby :)

Have an awesome weekend!

xo, Jo


btd. said...

I know what you mean about your low score. I seem to study a lot of important tests and still do horrible in the end. & guess who gets me through? Avril Lavigne! Mainly her first and second album. I'm sorry your BF doesn't care about you anymore, but I see you have other friends that do! *big hugs* ^_^

Angelina said...

I have faced something similar to this in my university and I was so disappointed!
It's really nice when you know that you have your friends next to you..

don't give up. Everything's going to be great in the future.

btw the first photo is so cute!

Anonymous said...

aww I know what you mean. sometimes it's never enough, you know? so sorry feel better tho and you'll do fine next time fersure.


--> Bree