Jun 28, 2011

Make it Stop (#TT47)

Powerful song with meaningful lyrics = digging it.

It's always darkest just before the dawn.
So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong.


And too much blood has flown from the wrist,
Of children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood.
We're coming for,
Insisting on, a different beat,
A brand new song.

Remember that life is worth living and you are lovable.

Have a fantastic week! ;)

xo, Jo


Jennifer Fabulous said...

What a cute quote in that book! And thanks for posting the video. I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! thanks for sharing! great great great message!

xoxo, Bree


B a la Moda said...

Loved the second picture. It is true and great!

B* a la Moda