Jun 14, 2011

You’ve been on my mind (#TT46)

And other things too… lol.

One of my top favorite songs from Dave Days! Been waiting for this music video for SO LONG, and I’m pretty satisfied of how it turned out. Singing and playing guitar under the rain? SCORE!

So let me tell you what’s really been on my mind:

  • my pretty little darling assignment that takes forever to finish (gonna talk about this further after the submission so you BETTER stay tuned)
  • how I’m gonna divide my time tomorrow for assignment and taxation tutorial review
  • that laptop case I saw at the mall few weeks ago
  • when I will buy that Clinique Moisture Surge a.k.a my saviour cream which is running out fast
  • the spanish homework that I just got today about sharing something fun/funny that happened recently
  • The fruits in the fridge that have been there since forever
  • yesterday was the Olsen twins’ birthday and I totally forgot about it
  • I don’t know dates anymore
  • why am I even writing this in point form
  • that Dave Days’ thumbnail looks pretty hot lol
  • this Saturday will be a busy one
  • I need to remind my friends that the electone festival is happening this weekend
  • I wanna tell my girlfriend my suggestion for a bday gift
  • how I’m gonna control myself for not punching my lecturer in the face tomorrow
  • why am I even blogging when I’m supposed to continue my work?!
  • oh, someone reminded me lol

alright, since it’s getting irrelevant I’m gonna go now :p

Have a fantastic week! Ciaoooo.

xo, Jo

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

You're hilarious. ;) I love this video as well! xoxo