Sep 14, 2011

All About Us (#TT 56)


Take my hand
I'll teach you to dance
I'll spin you around
Won't let you fall down
Would you let me lead
You can step on my feet
Give it a try
It'll be all right


The rooms hush, hush
And now's our moment
Take it in, feel it all, and hold it
Eyes on you, eyes on me
We're doing this right

Cause lovers dance when they're feeling in love
Spotlight shine, its all about us
its all about us
And every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I've never felt
but its all about us


Suddenly, I'm feeling brave
I don't know what’s gotten into me
Why I feel this way
Can we dance, real slow
Can I hold you, can I hold you close


Do you hear that love,
they're playing our song
Do you think we're ready,
oh I'm really feeling it
Do you hear that love,
Do you hear that love


This song is soooo cuuuuute! I love He is We! :)

(This is one of those moments that I feel like there’s a need to put a love quote but since I lack of cheese in me and it’s midnight I can’t think of one right now lol)

Have a fantastic week!

I had a great day today so I’m passing my big smile to you!


xo, Jo


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love this song! I had never heard it before, so thank you for posting the video. :)

And these photos are gorgeous. Sigh.

I hope you're having a fantastic week. xoxo

Elaine said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

So romantic! I love dancing. Thanks for sharing this, girl. My fave lines from the song are:

And every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I've never felt but its all about us

I'm super glad you liked my PLL post. I love it too! I shall do a Hanna Polyvore soon.

XoXo, Bree
Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

Carrie said...

oh this song is so cute. thanks for sharing. definitely going to be on replay now.

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