Sep 6, 2011

H&M Huzzah! (#TT55)

Finally H&M came to Singapore and people just went CRAZY. Literally, no joke.
The store was supposed to open at 11 AM and by 9.30 AM there were more than 300 people queuing. There were even some people that had waited from the night before. What?!
Apparently I was one of those people who actually got up early on a Saturday morning and queued for 2 hours. Got a free umbrella, H&M magazine and water lol.
The first 300 customers would get a discount voucher and it’s such a pity that Singaporeans are very competitive. I didn’t expect there would be THAT many people. They beat me hard.
The queuing session reminded me of a concert queue, except that we were gonna meet clothes instead of performers. I just bought a few accessories and a skirt. Too lazy to try on clothes since there was another queue for the fitting rooms. Confession: I was trying on a ring and it was stuck on my finger. I tried to pull it off really hard and I broke it. Sorry H&M, next time I won’t try S sized ring anymore. Promise.
Heard this song yet?? Well, maybe you did. I’m just too outdated in pop songs haha.

It reminds me of my early school days when I used to fall for a boy so easily :p cute times!

Have a b-e-a-utiful day!!

xo, Jo

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