Dec 28, 2011

4 more days till 2012! (#TT69)

This TT post is the last one for this year! Crazy!!

Here I give you 2 videos that became my recent favorites on Youtube ;)

Great, great song. I think I like this one better than “Mr. Know It All”. The video is really cool too! Yay Kelly!

Anyone who knows Boyce Avenue definitely knows this song! This is the first song that Alejandro has ever written and produced. It’s been going around Youtube for years through fans’ self-created videos, but the band just released the official video last Monday. Not only that the song is the first song I knew from them, but it’s also my no.1 favorite amongst all their amazing songs!

How have you been enjoying the holidays so far???

Mine’s been pretty awesome, I guess ;)

Christmas recap post coming soon!

xo, Jo

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