Dec 21, 2011

Feliz Navidad! (#TT68)

I got an early Christmas present last week :)

PC1441941Meeting JOE BROOKS!!!!

I look dumb in the picture with that huge grin but that shows how happy I was!

Joe Brooks, a super talented British singer-songwriter who currently resides in Los Angeles, came to Singapore last week to sing for 250 lucky fans in a small recital hall that had a fantastic acoustic. That rhymes! :p  


He was kind enough to meet each one of his fans after the concert for pictures, autographs and hugs <3 He’s such a humble and fun person. I had an amazing time!!! He said that he would come again next year! :DDD

Give a listen to his angelic voice for this Christmas song cover. Available on iTunes!!

I know that one of my Christmas wishes have already come true last week, which is great, but can I be a little more demanding since this is the holiday season?

Here’s my Christmas wishlist! :P


51ztmn4%2B1qL._SL500_AA300_Devoted by Hilary Duff (continued story of her previous book, Elixir)


P1272_heroBenefit cheek and lip stain: Benetint 

P208603_heroBenefit concealer: Erase Paste

P253113_heroBenefit eye primer: Stay Don’t Stray (since my Urban Decay primer potion hardened coz I broke the case-.-) 

P267200_heroUrban Decay’s Naked Palette (I know this ain’t new and everyone has this, but I want it so bad coz it’s got wearable daily colors. I never saw it in Singapore Sephora though..)


P296502_heroWonderstruck by Taylor Swift 

P246512_hero Marc Jacobs’ Lola

(I basically need a Sephora gift card! Haha)

Apparels: SHOES and red clothing items (I’m obsessed with red currently). I don’t have any preferences actually, although I’m super picky when it comes to clothing.

What are you most excited about for Christmas??

I guess I’m excited about pretty much everything! Hahaha. My family is coming!! :D

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JoJo!! Number 21 rocks! since my bday is sept 21st ahhem..

Merry Christmas!!!

xo, Jo


Mimi said...

don't worry, i think you look good and the picture is very cute! :)

i want to read devoted! i read elixir, and i wanna know what happens next. ;)

hmm, i don't know what i'm most excited about for christmas... i guess i'm just always excited for it. ;)

<3, Mimi
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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, he's pretty cute and his voice is amazing! Lucky you! I want to wish you a very merry christmas, love. I hope you get everything in this list. :D

P.S. The Yes To Blueberries cream does smell a bit like blueberries haha.

Lots of love, B
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Ribka said...

wow you're so lucky :D
and Merry Christmas!!! ^^