Mar 22, 2012

#PLL: The end of a beginning

Oh hay thereeee long time no post, I know (forgive me? *winkwink*). I’ll explain the whole MIA thing later but first! Let’s talk about Pretty Little Liars.

I’m pretty sure most of you have watched the last episode of season 2 of PLL in which A was revealed.

But it’s not over yet!!

I think Mona wasn’t the one who killed Alison. She may have been asked to torture the girls by being “A” but I guess Jenna (or Melissa) is still the main person behind Ali’s murder.

Previously, according to the writers and actors, the show was doing a total different thing from the books (not that I read the books but well), but apparently they DID follow the books as Mona was revealed to be A. Maybe I should start picking up the books? Hmmm.

Since I naively believed what the writers said to the fans (writers are liars!! lol), I had a wild guess that Toby or Ezra could be A. Haha.

Oh, and I’m really really REALLY curious who the black swan girl could be. At first I thought it could be Melissa, but Melissa is pregnant so it is unlikely for her to fit in that dress lol. I saw a post on Tumblr earlier that someone thought the girl resembled Ashley Marin (Hanna’s mom). Whaaaat??? THAT would be interesting.

Plus, the end of the episode opened up another mystery: Maya’s death. I think it should be related to this whole thing but I just haven’t constructed my hypothesis yet coz there’s so many things to process at once haha.That’s what PLL always does to me! My brain is too slow to digest! :p

Putting the mysteries aside, I LOVED the masquerade theme! Whose dress was your favorite? Mine was Hanna’s ;)

  CAN’T WAIT for Season 3!! I love their dresses in this picture :p

Thoughts? :)

xo, Jo

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