Apr 8, 2012

Where is the future taking me?

Yes, it’s been WAY too long since my last post. So let’s recap of where and what I have been doing for the past 2 months.

Final Year Project and exams


Project and exams made me fully occupied and stressed! But finally I’m done with all those! Although it’s not official yet, at least for the time being I don’t have business with school. I’m free!!

Quality time with friends



After my exams were done, I legitimately hung out every single day and started getting my social life back. I had a farewell celebration with my classmates which I truly appreciated. The whole class never actually hung out together outside of campus so it was definitely something. We had so much fun :) Plus, me and my close friends just got back from Bali for our 4day-trip! (Pictures coming up soon) I didn’t want it to end! So now I’m kinda having a post-trip depression :/

Fresh grad, anyone?

Meanwhile, as what graduates normally do after having done with school, I try to get a job. It ain’t easy, especially for non-locals. My alternative of being employed is to get into a training of a bank. So far I haven’t got any replies from any companies, which makes me super worried. I still wanna stay in Singapore!


Even though I’m excited for a new life, I’m scared. I don’t have ANY experience related to working and as I’m getting older (maybe not that old but still), I’m also worried of my love life. There’s SO many things in my head right now and the what-ifs, thinking about those makes me emotional sometimes. I wish I could see some kind of trailer of God’s plan so I’d know I’m on the right track. I’m also not very confident of myself either. Ugh, it’s just damn complicated.

My parents said I just need to be patient. Well yeah, but for how long?

I’m going to Jakarta next Tuesday to spend a quality time with family and old friends before entering the workforce (IF I get any calls..). I thought I would be home for Easter but things caught up in the way so AGAIN, I spend this year’s Easter alone.

Anyways, have a blessed Easter, everybody!!

xo, Jo

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Ketty said...

congraltulations!!!! and don´t worry you will for sure find some good job:-)

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xx Ketty xx