Aug 15, 2012

End of Summer (#TT88)

I miss my friends :(555796_424197747618276_1449093926_n
New additions to my playlist:

Well, this one ain’t new, but the music video is!! Belinda looks absolutely GORGEOUS! And it’s her birthday today! YAY! :D

Cody as in Disney’s Cody? Dang sonnn he looks different!!

Biebz’s new single. I gotta say that I like the lyrics for this one :p

Ok, so Taylor had a chat with her fans on Aug 13 and at the same time released her new single for her new album “Red”. I couldn’t join the chat but I watched the recording and have been playing this song over and OVER again!! LOVE it!! It sounds different from her usual style but it’s still awesome! Ahhhhhhh *fan girl mode*

Hope you had a great summer!
xo, Jo

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